De’Andre Johnson is no man

Another Florida State University is in trouble, and you can’t defend his actions. On July 6 2015, police released a video of the FSU quarterback punching a girl in the face at some bar in Florida. 

I had an incident a few years ago at the University of Delaware, celebrating my sisters birthday, as she just turned 21. We were walking back from the bars when up ahead I saw this heavily intoxicated girl yelling nasty slurs at every person that passed by. Seeing this I moved my sister and her friends to the other side of the street to avoid her. Of course the little liquid couraged girl yelled something at us. My sister just yelled back “oooo” or something, nothing nasty though. We keep walking and I turn around to see this nasty vile girl running straight towards my sister. I jumped in front of her, and held out my arm to keep the girl away, knowing I didn’t want to make contact with the girl. She reached over my arm swinging and cursing at my sister, trying to hit her. I kept her back and she started to punch me in the chest and near my chin over and over and over again. I just took it. I’m not going to hit a girl I told myself no matter how nasty and vicious the girl was acting. 

My point is Johnson was wrong. First, you’re 19, how is he in the bar? Second, if you look at the video, you can see Johnson shoving his way to get a spot at the bar. He bumps into a woman, who is clearly perturbed and probably drunk. She doesn’t take kindly to Johnson bumping her. They have words and the woman balls her hand into a fist. Johnson grabs the fist and tries to hold it back, which ok, at this point that is acceptable, you are trying to defend yourself. I get it. The girl even swings at Johnson first, and seems to get a piece of his face. 

All you had to do was walk away Johnson. Think for one second, and don’t use “being drunk” as an excuse. You got a great chance here to be a quarterback at a great college. You worked hard for this all of your life. The girl swung first, she was wrong. So why, WHY, does Johnson have to punch her back. He punches her so hard in the face it is hard and disgusting to watch. 

The excuses of “she started it” or “women want to be as equal as men in every aspect, then they deserve to get hit as if they are a man”, those excuses don’t work here. You don’t hit a woman, period. I lose all respect for you. Push the girl away or even walk away! I get when you drink you get angrier and can’t control yourself, but again no excuses. That punch was just plain viscious. You went from being a victim and her being wrong to making yourself look like a coward. Both parties handled this situation poorly, but you just don’t raise your hands to a woman. Theres no place for it, and honestly this kid should never quarterback for any school again. We need to stop using sports as an excuse and letting punks like Johnson get off the hook because hes an athlete. 

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Another Depressing Rangers Summer

Fail. Just fail. Where do I begin? The Season was great, fun to watch. But this team had one mission, and I don’t care how good they played, this season is a failure. A GIGANTIC FAILURE.

  • First, Park East in Hazlet is a curse, an absolute curse.
  • The Presidents trophy is a curse. I really despise that trophy and I’m honest with you when I say I had no joy when the Rangers won it. That’s 3 times now for Vigneault, and no cups. (And please spare me the “They won in 1994” bs)
  • Vigneault (AV) made some questionable decisions this series. He is a great coach, but I understand more why Vancouver let him go.
  • Not changing up the Power Play, leaving the same deadbeat unit of St. Louis and Dan Boyle is horrendous. Just a joke.
  • Hey look, AV played Matt Hunwick finally! No he didn’t bench Dan Boyle, or Tanner useless Glass. He benched James Sheppard. (Who cost us a third round pick). Great job AV, throw a rusty Hunwick in finally in a Game 7.
  • This team played all season and had home ice. What did they do with that advantage? They lost 2-0 at home in Game 5. They lost 2-0 at home Game 7. This is a road team. Too bad they had home ice.
  • Ryan McDonagh, playing with a broken foot since game 4, warrior. But Tampa is a team full of fantastic skaters. Why not sit McDonagh out? There is no point dressing a player if he isn’t 100%, and McDonagh just didn’t look like himself. Av playing Mac out of respect and name only. 
  • Another year, another let down by the team for Henrik Lundqvist. I’ve literally watched the SAME EXACT STORY for a decade now. Where did the scoring go?! Year after year, it is the same exact thing. (I’ll admit, he let in some soft goals here and there, but if you blame Henrik for this, I’m Sorry, you know nothing about hockey)
  • Did Chris Kreider play last night?
  • Now I understand why everyone was complaining about the Marc Staal extension. But face it, even though he was bad, losing him makes the team worse, period.
  • Kevin Hayes, JT Miller, Jesper Fast all made huge strides this season, and I make it a priority to keep them all. (Hayes RFA next year).
  • Keith Yandle played better last few games, but if I watch Anthony Duclair tear it up in the future I will cry.
  • Once again, power play failures and not winning faceoffs doomed this team.
  • Nash stepped up the last few games, but I’m sorry it is not enough. Watching Tyler undrafted Johnson score like his hair is on fire makes me wonder why a behemoth like 7.8 million Nash is so soft sometimes and struggles in the postseason. All world talent, just frustrating to watch.
  • No Zuccarello really, really hurt (and no, I don’t blame McDonagh like other idiots do. It’s hockey, sh*t happens.) Zucc plays so hard, really missed watching him for the run.

Offseason Moves

Well here we go, old man Sather went for it, and failed. I cringe at the idea of what he is going to do this offseason. The team has now gone away from drafting players in the first round (4 years with no first round pick) and that is scary considering the youth on this team stepped up more than the high priced veterans. My guesses

  • Stepan gets paid. He had a great playoff, and I’m seeing 6 million a year for him. Take a million off for not consistently winning faceoffs. 
  • Hagelin had a tremendous playoffs, and his speed is the Rangers identity. I would pay him.
  • Goodbye Martin St. Louis. It was a fun run, you’re a Hall of Famer and I’m glad a legend suited up for my team. YOU ARE OLD. YOU ARE DONE! If Sather resigns him out of respect I’ll vomit.
  • Dan Boyle needs to get the hell off my team. Again, another borderline hall of famer, but, like St. Louis, YOU’RE OLD. I can’t believe Hunwick didn’t play over Boyle. AV played these guys out of respect and the name on their jersey. Plain and simple. This wasn’t the best lineup to win (not saying the difference is Hunwick, but why not play a YOUNGER, FASTER, STRONGER player? Mind boggling.)

Trade Candidates 

  • For the love of god please someone take Tanner Glass. ANYONE?! Spare me the “he played well, he makes big hits” nonsense. YOU CAN HAVE TOUGH PLAYERS WHO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING WITH THE PUCK. Glass can’t handle a puck. Prust was tough but could actually contribute offensively. So was Dorsett. Horrible signing, and I can’t believe he played as much as he did. Seriously, I truly believe Glass has some kind of dirt on AV he is blackmailing him with. Glass is literally one of the worst hockey players I’ve ever seen. Taking up a roster spot and cap space is a travesty. I would trade him for nothing, literally nothing.
  • Someone on defense (besides horrendous Boyle) needs to go. Trading Kevin Klein while his value is high is a good start. He wasn’t great in the playoffs.
  • Dan Girardi is my boy. I love G. But he can’t play in this system, and his contract is an albatross. I don’t know if he can be moved, but I think some team desperate for defenders would take him.
  • Goodbye Cam Talbot. It was a fun run. Sorry all you Talbot fans, face it, Henrik isn’t going anywhere even with his huge salary. Talbot can land us some nice pieces from a  team that badly needs a goalie (I’m praying for a first rounder).

It was a fun season. 

But once again, it is a total failure. You don’t trade FOUR first round draft picks to lose in a Game 7. You don’t play well the ENTIRE YEAR to win that blasted Presidents Trophy and get home ice, only to get shut out 2-0 Game 5 and 7 at home.

Kudos to Tampa, they were the only team I was legit scared of playing, and they beat the Rangers. The Rangers didn’t win 2 in a row against Tampa all season. All the “fans” who say the West is a lock to win the Cup really don’t know hockey, as Tampa is good enough to hoist the cup. Ben Bishop needs to tighten it up a little bit more (I know, two shutouts this series, but still), but I truly believe Tampa can hold the cup.

Well, from losing the Cup last year to losing a freaking Game 7 of the ECF, my sports life is literally depressing. Seriously, I need to rely on the Yankees and Jets going forward, so I’m screwed. Can’t wait for the 2015-2016 hockey season, wish it would start already. Hockey is the best sport in the world, I don’t care what anyone says. I live and die with this team and always will. LGR.

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Sad to See a Legend Go

Love or hate the New York Yankees, there is no denying that Derek Jeter will go down as a baseball legend. I am a diehard Yankees fan, and to see Jeter retire after the 2014 season will be extremely emotional and sad. This will officially tie a bow on the “Dynasty Years” and my childhood Yankees.

What is most impressive to me isn’t what Jeter has done on the field, but off of it. We all know about the flip play, Mr. November, his signature jump throw from shortstop and getting that 3000 hit off of a dramatic home run. But Jeter has been practically flawless away from the baseball diamond as well.

To spend your entire career with the Yankees is impressive, but to handle the New York spotlight the way he has is nothing short of outstanding. This is a city that can chew you up and spit you out. This city destroys players, from Hideki Irabu to Aj Burnett to Alex Rodriguez, players just don’t have “it” to handle the fame and pressure that comes with putting on the pinstripes.

But Jeter is different. He is the face of not only the Yankees, but New York sports, yet he hasn’t come close to an inch of scandal or negativity. Seriously, I think the biggest “controversy” involving Jeter is when he faked getting hit by a pitch in Tampa a few years back!

But in this day and age of social media and constantly being in the public eye, Jeter has handled himself perfectly. You never see a TMZ article about him being out, yet we know Jeter goes out and meets the ladies. He just knows what his plan is, how to act and who to trust. That is what sets him apart from Alex Rodriguez, who has failed miserably at handling the New York spotlight.

A-rod wants to be Jeter, and he is the exact opposite of the Captain. Jeter will never let outside drama affect the team. Jeter didn’t have to cheat to win. He was never questioned for his work ethic or for not hustling to first base. He gave straight answers to the media, and kept that blue collar, hard working mentality at all times.

Jeter is a person that is the perfect role model, not only for kids, but adults as well. He handles himself with class, smarts and integrity. Fans will remember him for being clutch, exciting, hard working and the ultimate leader. I can go on and on about Jeter, but will keep it short.

Derek Jeter is one of the greatest Yankees of all time. His number will be retired, a plaque put in Monument Park and will be a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee down the line. Derek Jeter always respected the pinstripes and the Yankee way set forth by the late George Steinbrenner.

It has been a pleasure to grow up watching Jeter, and I will be talking to my children in the future about how I watched a Yankees legend.

Some of his best moments

Flip play
flip play

Mr. November running the bases after his 2001 November home run
mr november

Jeter gave it his all on the field, including diving into the stands in 2004

Jeter’s signature jump throw
signature play

Jeter is a 5 time World Series Championship, and it could have easily been more.

On 9/11/09, Jeter became he Yankees all time hits leader (2,722), surpassing Lou Gehrig
all time hits

On 7/9/11, Jeter obtained his 3000th hit after hitting a home run. He is the 28th player to do so, and first Yankee.

Jeter also gave a memorable speech to close out Yankees Stadium in 2008

My favorite commercial from my childhood, still gives me chills.


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Quick Hits 2/9/14

Peyton and the “L” word- Manning and his Broncos got absolutely annihilated in the Super Bowl by Seattle. This brought up more talk about Peyton’s legacy…look the man is going down as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Some will say hes a regular season QB, a playoff choker..but there is no denying his greatness, professionalism, and love fort he game…oh yeah he has a ring too.

Ryan Callahan rumors- The rumors keep swirling about the Rangers trading Captain Cally. I see it two ways. Callahan deserves to get paid, and I love him as a player, one of my favorite Rangers ever. 7 years is way too long though, with many saying Callahan will break down before the contract is ever up. I cant imagine seeing Cally go, but then again they don’t want to watch their captain walk for nothing like Zach Parise did to the Devils.

Free Incognito- read the text messages between Richie and Jonathan Martin and you will see two buddies, who hung out often. This isn’t the bullying story the media made it out to be in November, and many owe Incognito an apology. The man deserves to play football even if he is a tool. The Wells report should shed more light on the story, whenever it is released

Jets WR targets- the Jets need a wr, and free agency is full of them. Rumors swirl of the Jets locking in on Emmanuel Sanders and Jeremy Maclin. Maclin,26, has more potential but he missed all of last year with an ACL. I would throw money at Eric Decker, but he probably re-signs with Denver. Jacoby Jones, Doug Baldwin and James Jones are guys I would keep my eye on as well.

Manziel Number One?- Would you take Johnny Football first overall? He has all the talent…quick feet, precision passing and great swagger to handle big situations. Also, as Russell Wilson showed, QB’s on the short side can succeed. The Texans need a QB. Manziel played Texas A&M and would excite the fan base. Inside word is Texans brass loves JaDeveon Clowney, but I think Manziel will be the guy. If not he will either go to Cleveland or Jacksonville, cities where Johnny can get into less trouble than say, New York or Miami.

Kay-Francesa feud- Michael Kay has taken over for Mike Francesca on the YES Network, with the Michael Kay Show being played on TV in Francesas’ old time slot. Kay opened up the show by throwing out a bottle of Diet Coke, the holy grail to Francesca and his legion of weird followers. Francesa called it a claseless act, saying how he has been burying Kay in the ratings. Well, you just played into Kays hand big boy, as it got people talking and paying attention to Kay. Overall, moronic feud.

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Brandon Prust and Zac Rinaldo have fought each other at least once the past 4 years

Nov 26,2011

April 3, 2012

Arpil 3, 2013

Jan 8, 2014

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Quick Hits 1/23/14

1. Shut up Brandon Jacobs- There is no one with a bigger mouth than Brandon Jacobs. I wrote an article defending Richard Sherman and his trash talk yesterday, but this is different. Today, while appearing on the Boomer and Carton radio show, Jacobs called 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh a bitch. I think Brandon is still butt hurt over the fact that the 49ers barely used him when he was healthy, and he still has not moved on for whatever reason. Please Brandon, go enjoy retirement and disappear from the public spot light…FOREVER!

2. Goodbye MDZ- The Rangers finally traded defenseman Michael Del Zotto to the Nashville Predators in exchange for defenseman Kevin Kline (not the actor). Del Zotto, a Rangers draft pick and highly touted player, never panned out in New York. Many view Del Zotto as this offensive force, but he really isn’t that good offensively. However, he is 23 and still has a lot he can learn. Having said that, he needs to learn a lot as he is a turnover machine and constantly out of position defensively. Predators fans should temper their expectations, but I wish all the best to MDZ, it’s too bad it couldn’t work out here in New York.


3. Yankees new Hiro- The Yankees got their man, Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. After a long winter of bargaining, a posting system was agreed upon. While the posting fee was a lot less than what previous teams have paid for pitchers coming from Japan, the Yankees had to instead give out a 7 year, 155 million dollar contract, and that is before he threw a single pitch here in the US! Tanaka has all the tools to succeed…a nice fastball, devastating splitter and good slider. If he can work on his curveball pitch, Tanaka can be real special. He may be an ace, an average pitcher or even the next Hideki Irabu, but the Yankees needed to add to the rotation, especially after shelling out all that money for the bats of McCann, Beltran and Ellsbury.


4. What a waste- I already have a dislike for Andrea Bargani. The New York Knicks made a huge mistake trading a 1st round pick for the man who only plays one side of the floor. Sure, Bargani can make a shot here and there, but his defense is absolutely horrendous. Watching as players drive to the basket with ease is so frustrating, and I still can’t fathom how the Knicks got tricked into trading their 2016 first round pick to the Raptors. Knicks only made this decision to 1.) make a summer headline (which Brooklyn was doing) and 2.) appealing to Carmelo Anthony. This move though reminds me of all the desperation moves the Cavaliers tried to make before LeBron left.

Update: After posting this, word came out that Bargani is out indefinitely with a torn ligament in his left elbow. The injury is a result from this dunk fail attempt below….

5. Durant vs. Melo- Watching the game last night,the Knicks were losing to the 76ers late when Carmelo was called for a foul. He started yapping at the official, and you knew a tech was coming, and sure enough it did. That stupidity cost the Knicks, and it was a bad time for the teams best players, the leader, the man who should have the highest basketball IQ…SHUT UP! In that moment, I know it is emotional, I know you are mad….but this has happened too many times, especially as a Knick. Switch over to the Thunder-Spurs game after the Knicks debacle, Durant was called for a foul. He turned around, and for the most part stayed quiet. No tech given, close game and Durant didn’t put his team in jeopardy. Yeah, things are going better for the Thunder, and spirits are higher in OKC, but Melo has to be that leader and know the situation.

5A. New nickname for Durant is apparently “The Slim Reaper”…ehh it’s ok. I would much rather have Durantula in my opinion, it sounds a lot cooler.


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Richard Sherman: Don’t Judge

After the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl, Seattle star cornerback, Richard Sherman, gave the speech of a lifetime. Seriously, watch reporter Erin Andrews face as Sherman begins his mini rant when asked about defending 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree on the final play.

Seeing this interview, it was easy for many to call Sherman words like “thug”, “douche” or much worse. Many did so on Twitter, the angriest website on the internet, where people hide behind their technology and bring down others. It is understandable as to why many were turned off by Sherman, as it is common for the majority of people to not like talkers and loud mouths. He is the player you love to hate, but any fan would love for him to be on their team.

The player

Sherman, a 6’3 cornerback, is in his third year in the league. It is in my opinion that Richard Sherman has surpassed Darrelle Revis as the best cornerback in the game(more on that later), and is a huge reason for the rise of the Seahawks defense in recent seasons. Born in the infamous city of Compton, California, Sherman excelled at academics and never let the gang life that was constantly around him affect him. Sherman was a two sport star at the Compton based Dominguez High School, playing track and field as well as football. During his senior year, Sherman helped lead Dominguez to a CIF Southern Section Division III championship. With his straight A’s and high academic standards to go along with an impressive sports resume, Sherman received a scholarship to Stanford, the only player from Dominguez to receive one from the University.

Sherman went to play for Jim Harbaugh, now the coach of the 49ers, at Stanford and started off playing as a wide receiver (which he played also while at Dominguez). Injuries to the team forced him to switch positions in 2009, and he never looked back. Sherman played the position well, and remained at corner all the way until he was drafted by the Seahawks in the 5th round, pick number 154. Looking back now, the Seahawks absolutely got one of the biggest steals in recent memory.

As of January 2014, Sherman is a 2013 Pro Bowler, 2x 1st team All Pro, NFC Champion and best corner in the league. He has 20 career picks and 4 forced fumbles.

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

The Controversies

Sherman is not without his “controversies” since entering the NFL in 2011. However, before we continue, let us keep in mind that Sherman has never failed a drug test, killed someone, drove drunk etc. Sherman makes headlines for his mouth, and he sure loves to run it a lot. What he makes the news for is all harmless, even with you disagree with what he says.

Sherman became a household name in early 2012, after the Seahawks had defeated the New England Patriots. According to Sherman, he claims Brady told him and safety Earl Thomas to “find me after the game when we win”. Sherman found Brady alright, and tweeted this after the game.

Trolling one of the best quarterbacks ever? Epic.

Sherman also got into it with ESPN’s Skip Bayless in 2013, telling Skip “In my 24 years of life, I’m better at life than you”. The clip is a must watch. I think Bayless is an atrocious “reporter” and everything Sherman says about him is true, and I’m happy a player didn’t sit back while this ignorant television personality spewed his filth.

Seattle’s boisterious cornerback also pisses off a lot of players with his talk. The Redskins very own Trent Williams couldn’t keep his composure after the Seahawks beat the Redskins in the Wild Card round last year, hitting Sherman in the face when the two met in the middle of the field. Seeing Williams reaction as he walks down the tunnel, you can clearly tell Sherman got to him, and is one of the best trash talkers in the league, if that means anything.

Before going after Michael Crabtree in the rant he gave with Erin Andrews, Sherman has called out other players, such as Falcons wide receiver Roddy White and Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis. Sherman called out White, saying he isn’t even a top 100 player in the NFL. He also went after Revis on Twitter, claiming he (Sherman) was the best corner in the league, and using his 2 years of stats to show how they were so close to Revis’ career stats. Revis responded by saying “I never seen a man before run his mouth so much like a girl,”.

While it is a bunch of stupid little incidents, Sherman clearly isn’t afraid of going up against anyone in the league, on the field or off it.

The Good

While Sherman may run his mouth and rub people the wrong way, he is not a “stupid thug” like many have called him after the NFC Championship game. Sherman is actually very smart, having gotten a more than perfect 4.2 GPA at Dominguez High and a 3.9 GPA while at Stanford, graduating with a degree in communications.

While he may seem like an unlikeable tough guy on the field, off the field Sherman is the opposite. His foundation, “Blanket Coverage, The Richard Sherman Family Foundation” helps kids in need obtain school supplies and clothes. He has raised easily over 100,000 dollars for his community and various charities. He also does work with “Students with a Goal”, touring schools around Compton, trying to make his message clear that hard work and staying in school will bring kids to much succcess.

Sherman is the anti-jock. He doesn’t go out to party or try to make the news by what he does off the field. He makes the news for his on field and football related actions, that’s it. If he ever does make news for stuff off of the field, he would want it to be about the good work he has done for many people. Even ffter his epic rant against Crabtree, Sherman quickly offered an apology.

My Take

I can see how Richard Sherman rubs people the wrong way. It is understandable, especially for 49ers fans, to despise Richard Sherman for how often he runs his mouth. People may also hate how he refers to himself as the best, but guess what, he is the best and his play speaks for itself. Darrelle Revis was cocky when he was the best cornerback in the game, but he was a greedy kind of cocky. Sherman is all about his team and locking down the other teams best wide receiver. But the hate should end right there. This is about a game, and to take to Twitter to call Sherman a “thug” or use a racial slur is pretty shameful. Does his trash talk really affect your life? Do sports really get to you that badly. People see a dreadlocked player from Compton and instantly label him, and that is a sad thing many in this world still do. I personally like Sherman, and many fans seem to as well. He is an outstanding cornerback and plays with his heart on his sleeve. Sherman attributes his dominant play by studying film. He claims to sit in his bed and watch film on his iPad for hours, and says to be a good player, you gotta have smarts, not only physical attributes to really get ahead in this league. I respect Sherman, he seems like a great guy off the field, and when his adrenaline takes over and he runs his mouth again, don’t go calling Sherman a thug. Like he said, “Don’t judge a person’s character for what he does between the lines,”.

Well said Sherman, well said.

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