Hello, my name is Peter Garofolo, and I am a big time sports enthusiast. I am proudly from New Jersey, a state that is beautiful but doesn’t get enough credit because everyone believes what they see on MTV. I recently graduated from Monmouth University in the Fall of 2012, with a degree in communications/journalism. I am an aspiring sports writer, and it has always been a dream to write, talk and breathe sports. I would love to talk and write sports for a living, but as of right now I do creative marketing at Lime Cellular. I am a depressed Jets fan, hopeful Rangers fan, proud Yankees fan, and casual Knicks fan. There are many teams I dislike, but I will try to keep the biasness out of many articles. Please note however there may be some articles poking fun at the teams I am not in favor of 😉 Enjoy the reads and follow me on Twitter @PeteyG89




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