Hitting the Jets Wall

For 27 years, I’ve been a Jets fan. Why is that? Blame the sunday sauces my dad would cook while the green and white played on my television. Even with a family thats half Giants fans, I always rooted for the Jets. And now, more than halfway through the 2016 season, I can’t take it anymore. This team completely destroys me, every single year.

But this year is different. I’ve lived through all of the horrendous seasons recently. But this season just has an absolute stink to it. What bums me out most is this team can NEVER sustain any success at any level of the franchise. They are cursed from top to bottom.  

Lets go back to 2010. The Jets coming off a surprising run to the AFC Championship game the year before. Expectations were high for this team, and they backed it up going 11-5 losing to the Steelers in the, yep, AFC Championship game (still not over it). But hey, we have a lot to look forward too right?! Good things will be built off of these two seasons! 

WRONG! I was so confident going into the 2011 season, I actually wrote a status saying “the Jets road to the superbowl begins today!” L.O.L. 2011 turns into an 8-8 season with Santonio Holmes imploding and losing his mind after getting a huge contract. 

2012? 6-10 and we signed some guy named Tim Tebow. Hear of him? The circus that followed was comical. I actually like Tebow, and was so sick of Sanchez I wanted him to actually get a chance to play QB. Instead, Sanchez gifts us the buttfumble and another playoff-less season, which brings us….

2013! A new year! New hopes! A new rookie QB in Geno Smith! Sanche gets hurt in a meaningless game against the Giants, and Geno plays the all season. The team goes 8-8. Improvement, young QB, theres hope…

2014! The Jets decided to cut their win total in half! Can’t make the playoffs doing that guys! Geno looks lost (the dude didn’t know there was a 3 hour time difference in California and missed a meeting) leading to Mike Vick! The man half the country hates! He looks atrocious as well. 4-12 this team STINKS. 

2015! A new coach! A new GM. They spend big, bringing back fan favorite Revis, Cromartie, Skrine, Gilchrist and Ryan Fitzpatrick! Geno gets punched in the jaw (TYPICAL JETS) and Fitz starts the season. The Jets go 10-6, yet lose the final game of the year to, who else, sexy Rexy up in Buffalo! The Jets miss the playoffs by a game, and also an AFC playoff picture that was WIDE OPEN. 

Now here we are in 2016. Looking back at this summer and talking to friends, things are just so funny to me now. The first six games of the Jets schedule was brutal. “Just make it out .500 or better!” They go 1-5. “The Jets defense needs to be elite for us to compete” They’re currently 12th overall defensively, not terrible, but not enough.

The Jets defensive line, who many said was the best in football before the year, is ranked 29th in sacks! The team hasn’t had a defensive touchdown in years! The turnovers are lacking! And most alarming, players like Revis and Mo Wilkerson have regressed horribly this season. Seriously, Revis looks finished! 

And where are the Jets currently? 3-8, with Coach Bowles announcing Fitzpatrick will start against the Colts. Why Bowles doesn’t play young QBS like Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg is just mind bogglig to me. Why not see what we have for the future? Why try to win games? LOSE THE LAST FIVE AND GET A TOP DRAFT PICK. Typical Jets will win 4 of the last 5 and fall from top 5 to 10-15 range!

This team just doesn’t know what to do. They tried to rebuild while competing, and its has left this team literally stuck in the mud, just covered in medicority. This team needs yet another FULL REBUILD, and Woody Johnson has got to realize that. Once again, will the Jets find a Russell Wilson in the third round or Dak Prescott fourth round? No we will find Geno Smith. We will take Christian Hackenberg second round even though the team knows he can’t play this season,  while a guy taken two rounds later is playing brillaintly for a team that has tons of pressure on them to succeed. 

Seriously, there are two levels to the Jets. One is rock bottom, the other is mediocrity. Throw in a lucky playoff berth sure,but its not enough for this team, and their suffering fans.

I love this team, I stick with them through it all. I’ve been told to just switch teams, and thats never going to happen. I just have hit a wall with this team this season. Why watch Fitzpatrick QB anymore this year?  He won’t be back! PLAY PETTY! SEE WHAT YOU HAVE FOR THE FUTURE. Its just such a typical Jets move by a coach who is eerily mirroring Rex Ryan years earlier! 

It sucks that in the summer, with the excitement of football in the air, you know your teams only hope to make the playoffs is to win the wild card because the damn New England Patriots run the division every year. And when you don’t have that QB, forget it. 

Now for yet another season, I’m hoping for the Jets to lose games for a better draft pick. I mean they won useless games a few years ago, knocking them further away from drafting Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. Look how that turned out. And I’m sure the “Romo to Jets, Cutler to Jets” rumors will be flying all year! Honestly, either of them are bandaid moves, and once again, has the Jets rebuilding while “trying to win”. Neither would help. Keep throwing darts at the dartboard until we hopefully hit on someone who will transform our franchise. Because it isn’t Ryan Fitzpatrick or Geno Smith. And with Bowles refusing to play Petty or Hackenberg, we have no clue about them either. It’s seriously infuriating. Bring on 2017.

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