Mrs. Cromartie, everyone

The drama that comes with Antonio Cromartie never ends. With his weak play, the Jets seriously got to consider cutting Cromartie in the offseason. But first, Lets see how his classy wife was behaving this past sunday..

So a few trolls bother Mrs. Cromartie, so she decides they stand for the ENTIRE JETS FANBASE

IQ Level: minus 3 points

While she is baited a bit, thats a low form of trolling from the decker fanboy account. The response of “he hates you too”, unoriginal.

IQ level: minus 1 more point

She goes on to say “I dont care about trolls” yet she seems to have responded to 20 of them already. Fanboy decker account does make a fair point however. Great counter argument, respond with some more F bombs

IQ level: minus 4 more points

Absurd, absurd question, she has the right to be mad. I’ll up the IQ points for her, wait she still generalizes an entire fan base. 

IQ level: minus 2 more points

Ah yes, the typical money insult. I just hope shes saving up all that money with the amount of kids Mr. Cromartie fathered over and over and over and over and over and over and over again

IQ level: minus 1 point

Gonna say thats a subtle race jab in there but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. The “what man tweets harassing a women” line though? Unforgivable. 

IQ level: minus 5 points

IQ Level: slightly smarter than a tree stump.

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