Fantasy Busts 2015

With more then half of the football season gone by, I think it is safe to reflect and look back at those fantasy draft picks you messed up so horribly, maybe costing you your fantasy championship in the process. 
1) Eddie Lacy, RB- I didn’t think a first round pick could screw me more than CJ Spiller did a few years back, but Lacy has easily surpassed him. A running back with an ADP of early first round (5th overall for me), he has been screwing fantasy teams left and right. When it’s not the Packers completely abandoning the run at times, its backup RB James Starks stealing carries! Just a nightmare scenario. Week 9 Lacy got -1!!!! Never again. 


2) CJ Anderson, RB- Probably the second worst first round pick behind Lacy, CJ Anderson is the definition of a bust. All offseason all we heard was “Kubiak will run the ball, CJ is a workhorse back” blah blah blah. As of week 11, CJ 324 yards and with one touchdown. And worse, this is while losing carries to Ronnie Hillman. Never again. 


3) Peyton Manning, QB- Everyone was concerned about his decline at the end of last year, but I drafted Peyton with the thought of 30 touchdowns this year easily. Peyton is clearly near the end of his dominant run, and his throws lack the zip they have had in the past. Peytons days of being a QB1 are over. 


4) Justin Forsett, RB- This one hurts, especially in PPR leagues. With an ADP of late round 2- early 3, fantasy owners were drooling at Forsett getting Marc Trestman as his OC (same OC Matt Forte had when he caught 100 balls last season). Forsett hasn’t been able to be a dominant back, and the Baltimore offense as a whole has been average at best.

5) Jeremy Hill, RB- Last year I took Gio Bernard, only to get screwed by Hill being a beast and overtaking him. This year I mostly stayed away from Cincy RB’s but in one league we drafted Hill second round. Now, Bernard is back in the fold, stealing carries left and right from Hill while looking like the better back. I can’t win. 

6) Andrew Luck, QB- Luck was considered the top QB, taken first round or early second by many, even before Aaron Rodgers. The consensus was Luck would throw for over 4000 yards, with 40 touchdowns. That hasn’t happened, as the team has struggled and shown to be dysfunctional all season. While his last few weeks have been good, we still expected so much more from Luck. 

7) Ryan Tannehill, QB- The dolphins as a whole are a huge failure. I said it before the season, if Miami doesn’t make the playoffs, they’re a joke. Tannehill was supposed to take a HUGE step forward this year. He is too inconsistent for where many drafted him, and more people are starting Mariota or Derek Carr over Tannehill if possible. 
8) Joseph Randle, RB- The Cowboys have the best offensive line! They can make anyone good! Just run the ball nonstop! Romo and Dez hurt, its ok we will run the ball! Barf. I stayed away from Randle at all costs, and glad I did. He lost his job to injury prone Mcfadden, and got cut by the team because of off field issues. Horrible running back.


9) Jimmy Graham, TE- Many fantasy pros and websites labeled Graham a bust before the season, but that didn’t stop owners from drafting him in the second-third round, ahead of guys like Tyler Eifert. It’s not that Graham is bad, it’s just the offense that he has joined never utilizes him, and when they do, its for him to block on running plays. He is a bust due to how long you could have waited on a better tight end. 

10) Andre Ellington, RB- I sadly got Ellington in one of my drafts, despite him screwing me over last year. I figured he would be hurt, which he was early on. But he has been a bust because he hasn’t been able to wrestle the job back from fossil Chris Johnson. 

11) Andre Johnson, Wr- Johnson still showed a lot last year, despite being 32. People were excited this great WR would finally play in an offense with a stud QB. The Indy offense has been stuck in a rut all season, and Johnson has barely produced, with a few weeks of zeroes on the board. Big things were expected of Andre, but sadly he looks to be at the end of his career.

12) AJ Green, WR- Look, Green is easily one of the best wide receivers in the league. His season hasn’t been bad, but for being a second-third player taken for teams overall, you would expect more from him. He is the 36 ranked WR, again not horrible, but the Cincy offense has many mouths to feed, and you will have to live with games of 11-15 points mostly over games of 44 points like he put up week 3. 


13) Sam Bradford, QB- Man were people hyped for him after he lit up the Packers in a PRESEASON GAME. The Eagles season has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, and Bradford hasn’t been able to find any consistency, failing to post any big fantasy games. To think he turned down a 4 year, 72 million contract before the season, fail!


14) LeSean McCoy, RB- You could see this coming a mile away, as McCoy has dealt with injuries and losing time to stud backup, Karlos Williams. Giving McCoy 5 years was a mistake, and you can understand why Chip traded him. McCoy has put up only 85 points on the year and hasn’t hit over 20 points in any game. Muff cabbage. 

15) Buffalo Defense- Come on Rex, seriously? I never jump on defenses, but I made sure to get this defense early, so for once I could finally be set at D without juggling lineups constantly. Buffalo was a top 3 defense last year, but haven’t even come close this season. Buffalo has scored 2, 3, 8 ,-1 and 7, hardly the sign of a dominant defense, in real life or fantasy.


Honorable mentions- Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, Sammy Watkins, Darren Sproles, CJ Spiller, Colin Kaepernick


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