Please silence Stephen A Smith

My title says it all. I am going to go straight to the point, I despise everything there is about Screaming A. Smith, and think he is the biggest joke in sports. He can point to his “fame” and successful career all he wants, I’m just some nobody with a sports blog visited by 10 people a day if I’m lucky, but I’m happy I’m not some fraud like Smith is. Maybe if he ever saw this, he would accuse me of being a racist, much like he did to Chip Kelly besides him having zero evidence to back it up. Basically the race baiter smeared a man, and I’m guessing his “evidence” is, “oh look they got rid of McCoy/Maclin/Boykin etc but kept Riley Cooper. Yep so racist”. I guess this buffoon also didn’t think about the fact Kelly traded Nick Foles, who is white. Nope, not in the world Screaming A. Smith lives in.

Now lets talk about Smiths most recent controversy, involving Kevin Durant. On his horrendous show “First Take”, he suggested that if Durant hit free agency, Los Angeles would be his destination.

That news apparently surprised Durant because he responded “I don’t talk to Stephen A Smith at all. Nobody in my family, my friends, they don’t talk to Stephen A Smith. So he’s lying.”

Ouch, that one hurt and Smith seemed to be upset by one of the best NBA players in the world calling him out, and about time someone did, with all the bullshit this man spews. But of course Smith couldn’t let it go, the man who dishes out the verbal abuse can’t handle a little heat coming back his way. He responded on the same show, as if he was child. Hes the part though that really proves to me this man is a joke.

” But I will say this lastly: you don’t want to make an enemy out of me. And I’m looking right into the camera and I’m going to say it again. You do not want to make an enemy out of me.

What a joke, what an absolutely pitiful excuse for a “journalist” and reporter. What are you going to do Smith? What happens if Durant responds again and says he is sick of your fake, made up stories? What will you do? Smear his name? Report dirty secrets on his family or what he does in the lockerroom? How can Durant and the Thunder see this and let Smith into their building? How can ESPN be ok with what Smith said, considering the heat others have caught in the past for things he/she has said? If I’m Durant, I come back swinging at him (not physically for all you politically correct people). Call him out, and refuse to talk to him ever again KD. Seriously, can any of these athletes grow a pair and stand up to horrendous sports “journalists” like Smith? He talks to his “sources” and doesn’t put a name to it, yet states this anonymous garbage like its gospel. Smith is never wrong everybody! Believe everything this man says! You do not want to be Smiths enemy according this this loud mouth “reporter”.

Anytime Smith comes on ESPN radio I change it. Everytime he appears on TV, I change it no matter what the topic is. I refuse to listen to any of the pathetic filth that comes out of this frauds mouth, and the fact that people actually buy his trash reporting is pretty pathetic. This is why I’m basically done with ESPN. I grew up loving ESPN, watching them religiously. Now though they are a joke, and I barely ever tune into them anymore on any form of media. Cbs sports, profootballtalk, nbc sports, SI etc all shit on ESPN. They went from being sports reporters to Sports TMZ with loudmouth opinions sprinkled in.

I don’t know what they look for when hiring people, but looking at some of these hacks ESPN hires, such as Smith, Skip Bayless, Michelle Beadle etc just shows how far the mighty king of sports has fallen. 

Keep your empty threats Smith. You may think your big but if you walked by me on the NYC streets I wouldn’t even do a double take or care that you were there. You’re a fraud posing as a journalist, and I’m glad I am somebody you wouldn’t even bat an eye at. How there aren’t more people mad at Smiths empty, childish threats to KD is just a joke. Grow up.

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