Pay Muhammad Wilkerson Now

I hope New York Jets general Manager Mike Maccagnan is on the phone literally right this second with defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson. The stupidity the Sheldon Richardson has shown in the month of July is just baffling. It is truly absurd. I don’t know who is the dumber New York defensive end, Jason Pierre-Paul or Sheldon Richardson.

Early in July, we learned that Sheldon Richardson was suspended for four games because he smoked weed. It was a big hit to a team whose looking to their defense to carry them in 2015. However, it was manageable and the Jets would still have Richardson for 12 games after the suspension. Now, his future is up in the air, because Sheldon just all of the sudden doesn’t seem capable of making smart decisions.

On July 14, cops clocked a 2014 Bentley Silver Spur driving in St. Charles Count, Missouri. The car was clocked at three different speeds of 122, 135 and 143 mph. Let those speeds sink in for a second. Ok then, thats not even the worst of it. Realizing the cops, or “pigs” as he referred to them on social media back during the height of the Ferguson tensions (he’s from St. Louis) were chasing him, he tried to avoid police, pulled into a driveway and turned the lights of his car off. Cops state he was resisting arrest, the car reeked of weed, a loaded handgun was found….and a 12 year old kid. A 12 year old kid was in the car that was at one point driving 143 mph.

As a Jets fan, I always looked down the line and had a feeling Sheldon would be a harder player to sign. He just always seems cocky, and has made many comments about getting paid, so I believe the man who signs the “S” in Sheldon with a $ sign would be a Revis like contract problem down the road. Currently, Muhammad Wilkerson is going through a contract dispute with the Jets right now. Figured, it would have to be one or the other, especially with Leonard Williams now in the mix, and I would debate that Richardson was just as good as Wilkerson and maybe the Jets should sign him instead.


Well, forget that notion. Remember those Wilkerson trade rumors leading up to the draft? Thank god no trade ever happened! Wilkerson just gained a ton of leverage, and if I’m the Jets, I get him signed to a new contract ASAP. Wilkerson has been a stud player, he has had zero issues off of the field, and seems like a team guy. He is not missing training camp despite him being really upset he has no contract. Thats all the qualities you look for in a player! Richardson has let his teammates down two times now, and you can’t throw money at a guy who gets suspended, then does a completely MORONIC thing 2 weeks later! IT’s UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

We will now never be able to see a Jets line of Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, Damon Harrison and Quinton Coples at its fullest, and it’s pretty much all the fault of one man. I much rather the Jets pay Wilkerson, as well as Damon “Snacks” Harrison, and Demario Davis. Guys who care about the team and don’t do completely idiotic things. Richardson will have to to court on October 27th now, a huge distraction for new head coach Todd Bowles and the rest of the team. He may never play a game for the Jets again, and honestly now I could care less.

Driving a car 143 mph, with a loaded gun, weed and a freaking 12 year old kid in the car. If that doesn’t disturb you, I don’t know what does.

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