De’Andre Johnson is no man

Another Florida State University is in trouble, and you can’t defend his actions. On July 6 2015, police released a video of the FSU quarterback punching a girl in the face at some bar in Florida. 

I had an incident a few years ago at the University of Delaware, celebrating my sisters birthday, as she just turned 21. We were walking back from the bars when up ahead I saw this heavily intoxicated girl yelling nasty slurs at every person that passed by. Seeing this I moved my sister and her friends to the other side of the street to avoid her. Of course the little liquid couraged girl yelled something at us. My sister just yelled back “oooo” or something, nothing nasty though. We keep walking and I turn around to see this nasty vile girl running straight towards my sister. I jumped in front of her, and held out my arm to keep the girl away, knowing I didn’t want to make contact with the girl. She reached over my arm swinging and cursing at my sister, trying to hit her. I kept her back and she started to punch me in the chest and near my chin over and over and over again. I just took it. I’m not going to hit a girl I told myself no matter how nasty and vicious the girl was acting. 

My point is Johnson was wrong. First, you’re 19, how is he in the bar? Second, if you look at the video, you can see Johnson shoving his way to get a spot at the bar. He bumps into a woman, who is clearly perturbed and probably drunk. She doesn’t take kindly to Johnson bumping her. They have words and the woman balls her hand into a fist. Johnson grabs the fist and tries to hold it back, which ok, at this point that is acceptable, you are trying to defend yourself. I get it. The girl even swings at Johnson first, and seems to get a piece of his face. 

All you had to do was walk away Johnson. Think for one second, and don’t use “being drunk” as an excuse. You got a great chance here to be a quarterback at a great college. You worked hard for this all of your life. The girl swung first, she was wrong. So why, WHY, does Johnson have to punch her back. He punches her so hard in the face it is hard and disgusting to watch. 

The excuses of “she started it” or “women want to be as equal as men in every aspect, then they deserve to get hit as if they are a man”, those excuses don’t work here. You don’t hit a woman, period. I lose all respect for you. Push the girl away or even walk away! I get when you drink you get angrier and can’t control yourself, but again no excuses. That punch was just plain viscious. You went from being a victim and her being wrong to making yourself look like a coward. Both parties handled this situation poorly, but you just don’t raise your hands to a woman. Theres no place for it, and honestly this kid should never quarterback for any school again. We need to stop using sports as an excuse and letting punks like Johnson get off the hook because hes an athlete. 

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