Another Depressing Rangers Summer

Fail. Just fail. Where do I begin? The Season was great, fun to watch. But this team had one mission, and I don’t care how good they played, this season is a failure. A GIGANTIC FAILURE.

  • First, Park East in Hazlet is a curse, an absolute curse.
  • The Presidents trophy is a curse. I really despise that trophy and I’m honest with you when I say I had no joy when the Rangers won it. That’s 3 times now for Vigneault, and no cups. (And please spare me the “They won in 1994” bs)
  • Vigneault (AV) made some questionable decisions this series. He is a great coach, but I understand more why Vancouver let him go.
  • Not changing up the Power Play, leaving the same deadbeat unit of St. Louis and Dan Boyle is horrendous. Just a joke.
  • Hey look, AV played Matt Hunwick finally! No he didn’t bench Dan Boyle, or Tanner useless Glass. He benched James Sheppard. (Who cost us a third round pick). Great job AV, throw a rusty Hunwick in finally in a Game 7.
  • This team played all season and had home ice. What did they do with that advantage? They lost 2-0 at home in Game 5. They lost 2-0 at home Game 7. This is a road team. Too bad they had home ice.
  • Ryan McDonagh, playing with a broken foot since game 4, warrior. But Tampa is a team full of fantastic skaters. Why not sit McDonagh out? There is no point dressing a player if he isn’t 100%, and McDonagh just didn’t look like himself. Av playing Mac out of respect and name only. 
  • Another year, another let down by the team for Henrik Lundqvist. I’ve literally watched the SAME EXACT STORY for a decade now. Where did the scoring go?! Year after year, it is the same exact thing. (I’ll admit, he let in some soft goals here and there, but if you blame Henrik for this, I’m Sorry, you know nothing about hockey)
  • Did Chris Kreider play last night?
  • Now I understand why everyone was complaining about the Marc Staal extension. But face it, even though he was bad, losing him makes the team worse, period.
  • Kevin Hayes, JT Miller, Jesper Fast all made huge strides this season, and I make it a priority to keep them all. (Hayes RFA next year).
  • Keith Yandle played better last few games, but if I watch Anthony Duclair tear it up in the future I will cry.
  • Once again, power play failures and not winning faceoffs doomed this team.
  • Nash stepped up the last few games, but I’m sorry it is not enough. Watching Tyler undrafted Johnson score like his hair is on fire makes me wonder why a behemoth like 7.8 million Nash is so soft sometimes and struggles in the postseason. All world talent, just frustrating to watch.
  • No Zuccarello really, really hurt (and no, I don’t blame McDonagh like other idiots do. It’s hockey, sh*t happens.) Zucc plays so hard, really missed watching him for the run.

Offseason Moves

Well here we go, old man Sather went for it, and failed. I cringe at the idea of what he is going to do this offseason. The team has now gone away from drafting players in the first round (4 years with no first round pick) and that is scary considering the youth on this team stepped up more than the high priced veterans. My guesses

  • Stepan gets paid. He had a great playoff, and I’m seeing 6 million a year for him. Take a million off for not consistently winning faceoffs. 
  • Hagelin had a tremendous playoffs, and his speed is the Rangers identity. I would pay him.
  • Goodbye Martin St. Louis. It was a fun run, you’re a Hall of Famer and I’m glad a legend suited up for my team. YOU ARE OLD. YOU ARE DONE! If Sather resigns him out of respect I’ll vomit.
  • Dan Boyle needs to get the hell off my team. Again, another borderline hall of famer, but, like St. Louis, YOU’RE OLD. I can’t believe Hunwick didn’t play over Boyle. AV played these guys out of respect and the name on their jersey. Plain and simple. This wasn’t the best lineup to win (not saying the difference is Hunwick, but why not play a YOUNGER, FASTER, STRONGER player? Mind boggling.)

Trade Candidates 

  • For the love of god please someone take Tanner Glass. ANYONE?! Spare me the “he played well, he makes big hits” nonsense. YOU CAN HAVE TOUGH PLAYERS WHO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING WITH THE PUCK. Glass can’t handle a puck. Prust was tough but could actually contribute offensively. So was Dorsett. Horrible signing, and I can’t believe he played as much as he did. Seriously, I truly believe Glass has some kind of dirt on AV he is blackmailing him with. Glass is literally one of the worst hockey players I’ve ever seen. Taking up a roster spot and cap space is a travesty. I would trade him for nothing, literally nothing.
  • Someone on defense (besides horrendous Boyle) needs to go. Trading Kevin Klein while his value is high is a good start. He wasn’t great in the playoffs.
  • Dan Girardi is my boy. I love G. But he can’t play in this system, and his contract is an albatross. I don’t know if he can be moved, but I think some team desperate for defenders would take him.
  • Goodbye Cam Talbot. It was a fun run. Sorry all you Talbot fans, face it, Henrik isn’t going anywhere even with his huge salary. Talbot can land us some nice pieces from a  team that badly needs a goalie (I’m praying for a first rounder).

It was a fun season. 

But once again, it is a total failure. You don’t trade FOUR first round draft picks to lose in a Game 7. You don’t play well the ENTIRE YEAR to win that blasted Presidents Trophy and get home ice, only to get shut out 2-0 Game 5 and 7 at home.

Kudos to Tampa, they were the only team I was legit scared of playing, and they beat the Rangers. The Rangers didn’t win 2 in a row against Tampa all season. All the “fans” who say the West is a lock to win the Cup really don’t know hockey, as Tampa is good enough to hoist the cup. Ben Bishop needs to tighten it up a little bit more (I know, two shutouts this series, but still), but I truly believe Tampa can hold the cup.

Well, from losing the Cup last year to losing a freaking Game 7 of the ECF, my sports life is literally depressing. Seriously, I need to rely on the Yankees and Jets going forward, so I’m screwed. Can’t wait for the 2015-2016 hockey season, wish it would start already. Hockey is the best sport in the world, I don’t care what anyone says. I live and die with this team and always will. LGR.

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