Quick Hits 2/9/14

Peyton and the “L” word- Manning and his Broncos got absolutely annihilated in the Super Bowl by Seattle. This brought up more talk about Peyton’s legacy…look the man is going down as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Some will say hes a regular season QB, a playoff choker..but there is no denying his greatness, professionalism, and love fort he game…oh yeah he has a ring too.

Ryan Callahan rumors- The rumors keep swirling about the Rangers trading Captain Cally. I see it two ways. Callahan deserves to get paid, and I love him as a player, one of my favorite Rangers ever. 7 years is way too long though, with many saying Callahan will break down before the contract is ever up. I cant imagine seeing Cally go, but then again they don’t want to watch their captain walk for nothing like Zach Parise did to the Devils.

Free Incognito- read the text messages between Richie and Jonathan Martin and you will see two buddies, who hung out often. This isn’t the bullying story the media made it out to be in November, and many owe Incognito an apology. The man deserves to play football even if he is a tool. The Wells report should shed more light on the story, whenever it is released

Jets WR targets- the Jets need a wr, and free agency is full of them. Rumors swirl of the Jets locking in on Emmanuel Sanders and Jeremy Maclin. Maclin,26, has more potential but he missed all of last year with an ACL. I would throw money at Eric Decker, but he probably re-signs with Denver. Jacoby Jones, Doug Baldwin and James Jones are guys I would keep my eye on as well.

Manziel Number One?- Would you take Johnny Football first overall? He has all the talent…quick feet, precision passing and great swagger to handle big situations. Also, as Russell Wilson showed, QB’s on the short side can succeed. The Texans need a QB. Manziel played Texas A&M and would excite the fan base. Inside word is Texans brass loves JaDeveon Clowney, but I think Manziel will be the guy. If not he will either go to Cleveland or Jacksonville, cities where Johnny can get into less trouble than say, New York or Miami.

Kay-Francesa feud- Michael Kay has taken over for Mike Francesca on the YES Network, with the Michael Kay Show being played on TV in Francesas’ old time slot. Kay opened up the show by throwing out a bottle of Diet Coke, the holy grail to Francesca and his legion of weird followers. Francesa called it a claseless act, saying how he has been burying Kay in the ratings. Well, you just played into Kays hand big boy, as it got people talking and paying attention to Kay. Overall, moronic feud.

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