Quick Hits 1/23/14

1. Shut up Brandon Jacobs- There is no one with a bigger mouth than Brandon Jacobs. I wrote an article defending Richard Sherman and his trash talk yesterday, but this is different. Today, while appearing on the Boomer and Carton radio show, Jacobs called 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh a bitch. I think Brandon is still butt hurt over the fact that the 49ers barely used him when he was healthy, and he still has not moved on for whatever reason. Please Brandon, go enjoy retirement and disappear from the public spot light…FOREVER!

2. Goodbye MDZ- The Rangers finally traded defenseman Michael Del Zotto to the Nashville Predators in exchange for defenseman Kevin Kline (not the actor). Del Zotto, a Rangers draft pick and highly touted player, never panned out in New York. Many view Del Zotto as this offensive force, but he really isn’t that good offensively. However, he is 23 and still has a lot he can learn. Having said that, he needs to learn a lot as he is a turnover machine and constantly out of position defensively. Predators fans should temper their expectations, but I wish all the best to MDZ, it’s too bad it couldn’t work out here in New York.


3. Yankees new Hiro- The Yankees got their man, Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. After a long winter of bargaining, a posting system was agreed upon. While the posting fee was a lot less than what previous teams have paid for pitchers coming from Japan, the Yankees had to instead give out a 7 year, 155 million dollar contract, and that is before he threw a single pitch here in the US! Tanaka has all the tools to succeed…a nice fastball, devastating splitter and good slider. If he can work on his curveball pitch, Tanaka can be real special. He may be an ace, an average pitcher or even the next Hideki Irabu, but the Yankees needed to add to the rotation, especially after shelling out all that money for the bats of McCann, Beltran and Ellsbury.


4. What a waste- I already have a dislike for Andrea Bargani. The New York Knicks made a huge mistake trading a 1st round pick for the man who only plays one side of the floor. Sure, Bargani can make a shot here and there, but his defense is absolutely horrendous. Watching as players drive to the basket with ease is so frustrating, and I still can’t fathom how the Knicks got tricked into trading their 2016 first round pick to the Raptors. Knicks only made this decision to 1.) make a summer headline (which Brooklyn was doing) and 2.) appealing to Carmelo Anthony. This move though reminds me of all the desperation moves the Cavaliers tried to make before LeBron left.

Update: After posting this, word came out that Bargani is out indefinitely with a torn ligament in his left elbow. The injury is a result from this dunk fail attempt below….

5. Durant vs. Melo- Watching the game last night,the Knicks were losing to the 76ers late when Carmelo was called for a foul. He started yapping at the official, and you knew a tech was coming, and sure enough it did. That stupidity cost the Knicks, and it was a bad time for the teams best players, the leader, the man who should have the highest basketball IQ…SHUT UP! In that moment, I know it is emotional, I know you are mad….but this has happened too many times, especially as a Knick. Switch over to the Thunder-Spurs game after the Knicks debacle, Durant was called for a foul. He turned around, and for the most part stayed quiet. No tech given, close game and Durant didn’t put his team in jeopardy. Yeah, things are going better for the Thunder, and spirits are higher in OKC, but Melo has to be that leader and know the situation.

5A. New nickname for Durant is apparently “The Slim Reaper”…ehh it’s ok. I would much rather have Durantula in my opinion, it sounds a lot cooler.


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