2013 in Review

2013 was a year where we saw it all in professional sports. From the awesome, to the failure, to the funny to the bad, here are some of 2013’s most memorable moments.

Superbowl Blackout- People and even Ravens players think the power outage was a conspiracy to get the San Francisco 49ers back into the game (this was right after a Jacoby Jones kick return for a touchdown…)

Manti Te’o- Did anyone have a weirder year than Te’o getting catfished by a guy?

Arod- Can this man just go away? MLB suspended Aroid 211 games, and a long, heated court case awaits going into 2014


Quick NBA Injuries- Two big NBA stars made their returns early in the 2013-14 NBA season, only to go down with more injuries. Derrick Rose made his highly anticipated return for the Bulls, coming back from ACL surgery on his left knee. Rose missed all of 2012-13, and sadly tore his mensiscus in his right knee on November 22, ending his season. Kobe Bryant suffered a torn achilles in April 2013. After missing the first few weeks of the season, Kobe played in a few games before fracturing of the lateral tibial plateua on December 19th, sidelining the Black Mamba for another six weeks.
rose injury

Goodbye to a legend- Number 42 will never be worn in baseball again. The man who Jackie Robinsons widow, Rachel, said was worthy of sending 42 into retirement is Mariano Rivera. Rivera is the greatest closer of all time, with the most saves in MLB history (652), 5 World Series rings, 13 All Star appearances, career 2.11 ERA and 42 postseason saves. He did all of this while using one pitch, his signature cutter. Mo is as classy and respected as they come, and when the Fenway crowd gives a Yankee a standing ovation, you know you’ve done something right. Exit Sandman.


Aaron Hernandez throws life away- Hernandez had it all. He was a star in the NFL, one of the best tight ends. He signed a contract extension with the Patriots for over 40 million. He had Tom Brady throwing him the ball, with the chance of winning a Super Bowl. The 2013 PAtriots are AFC East champs once again, a contender who has a good shot to win a it all. Hernandez? Sitting in a tiny jail cell, because he is the accused killer of 27 year old Odin Lloyd. I give him the “Dumbest motherfucker in the entire world” award for 2013.


Red Sox win it for Boston- In April, the country was stunned by the Boston marathon bombings, which killed 3 people and injured hundreds more. From when Big Papi gave his now infamous speech where he dropped the ‘F’ bomb and nobody cared to the now iconic picture of the Boston police officer celebrating a Sox postseason home run, the 2013 Sox championship (as much as it pains me saying this being a Yankees fan) was much deserved for the people of Boston.

boston pd

Epic ending to Iron Bowl- Nothing was more insane than Auburn ending a fantastic game against hated rival Alabama with a punt return for a touchdown…off of a missed field goal attempt!!!!!

DeAndre Jordan dunk- Most disgusting posterizing dunk of 2013

Bullying- Nothing was more weird than what happened down in Miami, where offensive lineman Jonathan Martin left the team after months of verbal abuse from douchebag of the year Richie Incognito. The story added much drama and distraction to a Dolphin team looking to make the playoffs, as well as leave the Dolphins o-line decimated. Martin will play again, but for a different team. Incognito? His future is up in the air.


First openly gay athlete- The first athlete in America’s one of four major sports came out and stated he was gay. Jason Collins was commended for his bravery for openly stating he was gay, helping pave the way for other athletes to come out. What is surprising is that no NBA team has signed the free agent.


Peyton Manning sets record- Manning is one of the best to ever play the game. He has now added another impressive stat to his resume; the single season touchdown record. Manning broke the record of 50 set by Tom Brady in 2007 by throwing a 25 yard touchdown to Julius Thomas. Congrats!


NFL surprises- Andy Reid turned the Chiefs around after a 2-14 season. Meanwhile, the New York Giants got off to an 0-6 start and never recovered. Preseason Superbowl favorites Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons are having horrendous years. It goes to show you, you never know what will happen on any given Sunday.

The Classy Heat fan- As Bulls player Joakim Noah was walking to the locker room, a “classy” Heat fan decided to flip him the bird. The funny this is that the woman looks like the definition of a bandwagon Heat fan who has no idea what is going on.

finger flip

MLB fights!!!!!!

Bye Bye Kovy- If you are a hockey fan, nothing was more stunning than Ilya Kovalchuk walking away from the New Jersey Devils in the middle of his 15 year contract. The Devils are doing ok withouth Kovy, who is an arrogant, me first player. Good riddance, you’ll never win a Cup now.


The “Classy” Ray Emery- Goalie fights are always great, but not when a punk like Emery forces Braden Holtby into a fight that served no purpose at all

The Fall of Sports Icons- In January, Lance Armstrong admitted publicly to lying about taking performance enhancing drugs, shattering his image. Another former hero, olympian Oscar Pistorius, aka the blade runner is accused of killing his beautiful girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.


Struggles of RG3- Did anyone have a worse 2013 than Robert Griffin III? The man who went from captivating the country with his terrific play in 2012 was not even close to being the player we all know he can be in 2013. Be it returning from injury, missing training camp, having an awful offensive line and getting into weird public squabbles with coach Mike Shanahan, 2013 was not kind at all for RG3. Still, its amazing how much RG3 gets hit (“legally”) as compared to quarterbacks like Brady and Brees…


The Craziest ending to a hockey game!!!!

Heat fans leaving early- They say it’s not over until the final whistle. Some Heat fans thought the Heat were done in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. 28 seconds left, Spurs up by 4 and at the line many fans started to leave. A couple of missed free throws by the Spurs and threes by the Heat later, the game was shockingly tied. Fans outside of the arena got word, and unsucessfully tried to re-enter the arena. Ha!!

Epic Maple Leafs Game 7 collapse- Just watch the highlights

World meets Yasiel Puig

World laughs at Prince Fielders attempt at sliding

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