Time for the Jets to Trim the Fat


With the 2013 NFL season quickly coming to a close, the New York Jets have been one of this seasons bigggest surprises. Yes, they were eliminated  from postseason contention by week 15,  but this team was considered by many to be a 2-4 win team, one of the worst in football. But the Jets are 7-8 with one week to play and the Miami Dolphins playoff chances to ruin. This season shouldn’t be considered a success, but the Jets have shown they have a good foundation to build on. Regardless, the Jets still have a lot to do in the offseason, and it is time to trim the fat, and I’m not only talking about Rex Ryan.


1. Fly, fly away Santonio Holmes

Holmes has got to go. I don’t care if he was hurt all last year. I don’t care if he was “hurt” for most of this year. There is a reason the Pittsburgh Steelers got rid of Holmes for a measely 5th round pick. The Jets lack playmakers on offense, and when healthy Holmes is their best player talent wise. “Tone” is just an idiot though, and I am sick of watching idiots play for this team. Nothing pisses me off more though than a player running his mouth and not backing it up, and nothing was more dumb than Holmes saying “The Panthers secondary is their weakest link”. Here is the team, 6-8, needing a win to keep their slim playoff chances alive. They have a struggling rookie qb going on the road against on of the top defenses, and the man who has played about 3 games the entire year decides to run his mouth. Brilliant! Oh, and Holmes backed up his talk by making 2 catches the ENTIRE GAME! The Panthers absolutely used his talk for extra motivation, and their “weakest link” clearly stepped up and let the Jets have it.  John Idzik,  it is time to say GOODBYE! I don’t care if Holmes restructures his contract so that he makes zero in 2014, kick this clown off of the team. Only Jeremy Kerley and David Nelson deserve to be safe going into next year, as they are team players who play hard for the team.

Spotrac.com contract details for 2014: Base- 8 million   Cap Hit- 10,750,000   Status- Good as Gone

2. Antonio Cromartie (CB)

Antonio Cromartie really stepped up in Revis’ absence lat year. He stepped up so much that management was even more comfortable in letting Revis get traded to the Tampa Bay Bucs. The teams thinking was Cromartie would be a great number one while rookie Dee Milliner lock down the number two wide receivers. Cro has been anything but a number one this year. Granted, many have said that he has played hurt, but hurt or not he falls into the Holmes category: an idiot. But it is not his off field problems as to why I want Cro gone. Time and time again I have watched him get burned. He constantly falls behind wide receivers. He takes way too many stupid penalties and hes been beat by teams 3rd string receivers (see the Bills game after the Jets bye). The Jets should try to move Cro, but I don’t know what general manager would be stupid enough to take Cro with his atrocious contract. While the secondary is still a big problem (missing Revis), this team should move on from another problem, headcase player.

Spotrac.com contract details for 2014: Base- 4 million   Cap Hit- 6.5 million  Status- Should be gone


3. Mark Sanchez

Is this a surprise to anyone? Sanchez has had his shot, and it is time to move on from the man once dubbed the “Sanchize”. What started off as a great two year run quickly soured. Yes, Sanchez got all of his good offensive weapons taken away (losing his favorite target in Braylon Edwards then Dustin Keller hurt). And yes, the Jets probably ruined Sanchezs’ career as well as Tim Tebows in the debacle known as the 2012 seaon. But from 2011 on, Sanchez didn’t step up in the way a quarterback drafted 5th overall should have. He still played like a rookie! The Jets offense prepeared like he was a rookie and opposing defenses would gameplan for Sanchez like he was a rookie. It was truly pathetic to watch, as he made no one around him better and probably leaves Jets fans with the misery of the butt fumble memory that will never, ever go away. That play is a representation of the franchise, and it is truly pitiful. Let’s not forget the 50 plus turnovers from 2011 and 2012. Sanchez doesn’t have it, and his time is clearly over in New York with John Idzik at the helm. The Jets should go into the 2014 season with a competition between Geno Smith and a veteran quarterback (and I’m not talking David Garrard!). Then try to draft Jameis Winston or another stud QB in the 2015 draft. Pete Carroll was right when he said that Sanchez should have stayed in college an extra year.

Spotrac.com contract details for 2014: Base- 9 million   Cap Hit- 13 million!  Status- No shot to return


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