Go Away-Rod

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As a diehard Yankees fan, I can’t find myself to root for Alex Rodriguez any longer. I have put up with his drama on and off the field, but enough is enough. Alex Rodriguez may be worth millions, but to the New York Yankees he is worthless.

Let me get this out of the way first, thank you for 2009 Arod. Without Rodriguez hitting 6 home runs (along with 18 rbis) the Yankees probably wouldn’t have won the World Series that year against the Phillies. Of course, the 2009 Yankee team was dirty, but Arod put the team on his back come postseason time. Other than 2009, Arods tenure with the Yankees has been a giant headache, and it is a shame because I really thought he was turning a corner. Sadly, I was wrong, as Arod went back to being typical Arod. Where do I even begin?

Let’s start with the latest news that everyone in the world knows about, and that is the 211 game ban Rodriguez faces for using, you guessed it, PED’s. Major League Baseball must have some serious dirt on Arod, considering he has never failed a drug test (technically), yet isn’t getting a 50 game suspension first time offenders usually get (yes, I know this isn’t his actual first time roiding up). Arod has been adamant that he will fight this suspension, and on Monday night, he made his 2013 season debut against the Chicago White Sox. Rodriguez is allowed to play as his appeal process goes on, and he can probably play the rest of this season. Oh, great.

Arod, all you have done is create an environment that is toxic. This is the New York Yankees, a team that has the pressure of New York and its huge fanbase on its shoulders at all times. The 2013 season has been a struggle to begin with, and a team that is fighting for a postseason berth now has the Arod circus joining it. Yes, it is a circus, and you might as well call in Rex Ryan to coach and Mark Sanchez to catch (since he isn’t good at throwing). Now, there are even more eyes and cameras on the team. Do you think Arods teammates want to answer questions about  this over and over again? Do you think Jeter truly likes Arod and would even back him up if he had too? Hell no! Don’t let the players fool you, they will answer with their corporate answers, but many probably don’t want this headache back on the team, no matter how much he “helps”.


Rodriguez, I used to root for you, but now I don’t even feel like watching you play anymore. Seriously, the third base production was atrocious this whole season, but I would rather go back to rooting for players who DESERVE TO PLAY. There are clean players that Arod has cheated out of a job. And do you think that Arod is sorry? Absolutely not, he has blamed everyone from the media to MLB to the Yankees, blamed everyone but HIMSELF for putting these PED’s in his body. He is an absolute disgrace! I forgave him after he admitted in 2009 that he juiced up while with Texas, but this time I cannot forgive him. He is a pathological liar and will never learn.

The sad thing is, Arod could have been remembered as an all time great baseball player, even without juicing up! This was supposed to be one of the best prospects in years when he was drafted by the Seattle Mariners. He was so hyped, but if he was so good why did he need to juice up? He even says in his lie interview with Katie Couric in 2007 (below) that he never feels overmatched on the baseball field. Now, Arod will be remembered as Aroid or Afraud, a man who has no shot at the Hall of Fame. He is a disgrace to the pinstripes. Derek Jeter is a true Yankee. Mariano Rivera is a true Yankee. Jorge Posada is a true Yankee. Alex Rodriguez is not a true Yankee, and NEVER WILL BE. Most Yankees fans will agree, although there is a small minority that somehow roots for this cheater. I just think it is absolutely disgusting that this fraud trots out onto the field despite all the drama that surrounds him. It is a slap to the face of not only Yankees fans, but baseball fans in general. People hate the Yankees enough, just having Arod on the team is only going to bring out the wrath of other fans. If the White Sox fans can boo that loudly, wait till he gets to Boston or even back to Yankees stadium!

Arod, no one wants you playing baseball anymore. We wish you would go away, so that the sports section of the papers can go back to not having 10 pages of coverage about you. We want you to go away because as much as people think you will help, you will just strike out three times or hit a weak pop up to left field. But ultimately, we wish you would go away because you are a constant cheater, a liar and a disgrace to the game of baseball.


Some Alex Rodriguez lowlights:

-His constant postseason failures and unclutch moments (he batted .071 against the Tigers in the 06 ALDS!)

-This image of you kissing yourself in the mirror. Seriously, do you have a management team? How did anyone approve of this moronic pic?


-Bush league plays such as yelling “Ha” at a Toronto player trying to make a catch or slapping the ball out of Boston pitcher Bronson Arroyo’s glove in the 2004 choke

-Constantly participating in underground poker games

-Bringing his cousin (Yuri, who allegedly supplied him with banned substances) around the Yankees facilities after being told by the team not too.

– Being spotted with a blonde stripper while still married

-Allegedly hitting on two girls in the stands while the Yankees were getting swept by the Detroit Tigers in the 2012 ALCS (a series in which Arod did jack shit and was benched)

I’ll also leave you with this lie of an interview from 2007:

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