Darrelle Revis Traded to the Buccaneers: My Misery Continues

Back during the 2007 NFL draft, my father and I were driving down to our house on the Jersey shore. We listened on the radio as the first few picks came in, and wondered who the Jets would draft. When we got to our house, we did some work outside, then I ran in to turn on the draft and see who the Jets drafted. As the names on the bottom of the screen rolled by, I was shocked to see the Jets had traded up to 14. My dad yelled from the kitchen asking who we selected. I saw the name, “Darrelle Revis,”. I replied, “Daryl Revis…Dar-a-relle Revis, I have no clue!” Me and my dad shook our heads, a cornerback?! Of course the Jets screwed this one up again. I got texts from a bunch of my friends all going, “Who the hell is Darrelle Revis?!”


Revis turned out to be one of the best cornerbacks in the game, and one of the best Jets players in our sad and futile history. I remember week 1 of the 2007 season like it was yesterday. My dad and I watched as Revis got burned constantly by Randy Moss and Tom Brady week one at Giants stadium. I still remember what the announcer said, “Hey rookie welcome to the NFL, now go cover Randy Moss,” Over the next few years though, he would turn into a player that would shut down half of the field. I’ve watched Revis cover wide receivers such as Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Anquan Boldin, Randy Moss and many more, and saw those receivers do nothing on the football field. So if anyone doesn’t think Revis is that good, you have not watched him play enough. Yes folks, he is that good.


That’s why this trade pains me even more. No matter what, we would never get equal value back for him. The Jets completed the trade yesterday to the Tampa Bay Bucs, the only team surprisingly interested in the best cornerback in football (yes, even over you Richard Sherman). What did the Jets get back? The 13th overall pick in a draft that isn’t that great, and a 2014 conditional 4th round pick that can change into a 3rd round pick.

Analysis of the trade

Tampa Bay Bucs: In my opinion, the Bucs easily win this trade. Anytime you get the best cornerback in football for just TWO draft picks, that is a steal. I understand Revis is coming off of ACL surgery, but he is still only 27 and I feel that he will be back to dominating wide receivers like he always has. The Bucs were one of the worst teams in terms of defending the pass, and they gave up the second most passing yards per game in NFL history. Adding safety Dashon Goldson and now Revis should see those numbers improve, especially in a division where you have Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newtown throwing the ball.

New York Jets: The Jets are a mess, and are going to be bad this year, plain and simple. I like general manager John Idzik though, so I trust in his plan. He will rebuild the roster (look at the Seahawks team he assembled). Having the 9th and 13th overall pick should help the Jets, as they have a ton of holes to fill. Still, you just don’t get enough for Revis in this trade. Yes, the Jets can go out and draft another stud cornerback, or they can go out with that 13th pick and draft the next Vernon Gholston! Just the thought makes me want to puke. Rex Ryan has his work cut out for him in 2013, and now Antonio Cromartie becomes the teams number one. Mike Wallace burned Cro last year, and now he is in the division as a Dolphin, sick!


Speaking of Cromartie, why not move him? Cromartie is going to have a cap hit of over 6.5 million per season, and I know that is a lot less than the 16 million per year Revis wanted. But looking at the 6 year/96 million dollar deal Revis got with the Bucs, there is NO GUARANTEED MONEY! The Jets couldn’t do this? I understand Woody Johnson didn’t want to pay him top dollar, or deal with his asshole agents, but come on, the guy is a billionaire! Revis may be viewed as greedy, but if you were the best, you wouldn’t do the same thing? Revis was well respected, for his work on and off the field, as well as for being a leader in that locker room. What does Cro bring? Just some stupid headlines and 25 kids! Cromartie is a good player, but he is no Revis, not even close. Many will point out that the Jets were fine without Revis, as their pass defense was still good. To that I say baloney! Teams were just scoring so many points off of Sanchez turnovers that they barely had to throw the ball!

rex-ryan-antonio-cromartie It’s up to you Cro

Again, you could see this coming, but it didn’t have to be this way. Woody Johnson should have looked past the holdouts and greed. Revis was one of the best players in our teams history! Pay the man! You might as well fire Rex Ryan too, as this trade doesn’t help your team right away. Rex must be thrilled to see Revis go (yes, thats sarcasm). Ryan is clearly the sacrificial lamb for this season, which will be a long and ugly one. Oh wait, who is that we are playing week one at MetLife stadium?! Its the Tampa Bay Bucs! I swear if the Jets even throw it to Revis’ side of the field just ONE TIME I will give up on this team forever.

It is such a shame really. I blame both sides here. Revis, you said you wanted to be a Jet for life, but that was clearly a lie. You could have came down from your demands a little bit, but no, your ego needed to see that you were the highest paid cornerback. Woody Johnson, you didn’t have to run your star player out of town. I know you are sick of dealing with his crappy agents, but you didn’t even TRY to make an offer or attempt to resign one of the best players your team ever had. Good luck trying to fill the stadium this year, who are the fans going to come out and watch? Mark Sanchez behind center still sucking? I don’t even have a single Jets jersey to wear now! Shonn Greene, gone. Tomlinson, long gone. Bart Scott, adios. Mark Sanchez, donated that jersey to kids in need. Now my authentic Revis jersey, unwearable. At least I have my Tebow T-shirt!

revis I got to meet Revis in 2010

I have seen a lot of great players come and go, from Keyshawn Johnson to Jonathan Vilma. This one pains me the most. Revis was one of my favorite football players ever.  He is so good at what he does, and not only good at stopping receivers, but helping out in run defense as well. It is such a shame I only got to watch him in 2012 for a few games, as his ACL injury wiped out most of his season early on. I wish all of the best to Revis in Tampa, but this trade really, really sucks. The pain of being a Jets fan continues, and just add this to a list that keeps on growing. Revis Island has been kicked off of the Jets island.

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