From Joy to Terror

Nothing pisses me off more than a terrorist. In my opinion, there is no bigger coward anywhere in the world than a terrorist. Osama Bin Laden? Coward. Any member of Al Qaeda? Coward. Domestic terrorists? Coward. You can even go back years and years and label Adolf Hitler a coward. These types of people are the lowest of the low, the biggest scumbags you could ever imagine. What is their purpose? To attack and kill the innocent, to ruin lives and to fill the world with terror.

Growing up in the tri-state area, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 hit my family hard. My dad, who worked a few blocks away from the towers, lost a lot of his best friends. My mom lost her cousin. I thankfully had an Uncle able to make it out of the South tower. Others I knew weren’t so lucky. I had to see good friends grow up without a father and it not only made me sad, it made me angry. Sadly since 9/11, we now live in a world where the word “terror” is uttered everyday of every week. The terror up in Boston yesterday renewed our fears.

Explosion at Boston marathon

The Boston Marathon is a symbol not only to the people of Boston, but to the country as well. The day is known as “Patriots Day”. The Boston Red Sox always have a home game, which was won in thrilling fashion in the 9th inning, when Mike Napoli hit the game winning RBI double. There was another big game later that night between the Ottawa Senators and the Boston Bruins. But in between those two big games was the marathon, a 26 mile trek through the heart of Boston. Many of the races elite runners finished the race earlier in the day, and the marathon was wrapping up with many runners still crossing the finish line. Many spectators were family and friends of the runners, beaming with pride and happiness as they crossed that finish line.

No one knew that the finish line was going to turn into a horrific scene. Around 2:50 pm, the first explosion went off near the finish line. The explosion happened right where a lot of spectators were standing. People started screaming in terror, trying to leave, when suddenly about 10-14 seconds later, a second explosion went off right down the road from where the first explosion went off.


At first, many news stations were speculating that it may have been a gas leak, but TWO gas leaks one after the other, on a day where there are thousands and thousands of people crowding the street, come on! Right away you could tell that it was terrorism!

I have some thoughts on what happened:

1. Right away, Muslims were being blamed: Right after the bombs exploded, “Muslims” was trending worldwide. It is sad that when a terror event happens in America, they are the first people to be blamed. This is life post 9/11 though, so nowadays Muslims being blamed first is not uncommon. If you look at some pictures of people helping those injured in the blast, you can see people of Muslim descent helping others. It’s a shame because they’re are many good Muslims in this country. Many on Twitter were condemning blaming Muslims, so it was good to see some intelligence online.

2. Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter: There were rumors of multiple bombs, the JFK library exploding, that Al Qaeda was behind this, or that North Korea was involved. People tweeted out that the police had a suspect in custody, but that turned out to be false. Kevin Smith, of “Jay and Silent Bob” and “Clerks” fame, tweeted out a link that people could access to listen to the Boston police radio scanner. Smith’s purpose of doing this was to say that if you want accurate news, get off of Twitter!

3. It may be a hassle, but don’t complain next time you are in line: Long lines at sporting evens, at the airport, at concerts and much more are never fun. Now, I will happily wait on any line to any sporting event I go to. Ushers need to check inside bags much more thoroughly, maybe have a bomb sniffing dog on the premise and have more metal detectors. ANYTHING to continue to keep us safe, especially when places in New York and Boston will continue to remain high profile targets.

4. It can happen anywhere: I truly hope this attack doesn’t inspire more copycat terrorists. When I was heading into New York City on Saturday, I looked around the train and thought to myself, “No one checks any luggage or anyone getting on this train, someone could have a bomb or something inside one of their bags.” It is eerie that that thought went through my mind. If you think about it, airport security is probably a 9/10. But to take the NJ Transit line to the city, security getting onto a train is 0/10. Add in the fact that there are reports that these bombs were small enough to be hidden in trash cans, then you have a very serious and scary situation, especially in cities. I am sadly going to be much more paranoid walking around the city now, and this attack reminded me of when a man put a bomb into a van and drove to Times Square a few years back, hoping to kill as many people as possible. Luckily that bomb didn’t go off, but sadly terrorists were able to succeed yesterday in Boston. I just really hope that these type of crowd bombings, like those you see happening in other parts of the world, don’t start happening more and more here.

5. America should use more lethal tactics: This is my opinion, and I know a lot of people won’t agree, but the American public has gotten EXTREMELY sensitive. Just look at this ad for Kmart, called “Ship my pants”. You can watch it here. My point for showing this is the fact that there is outrage over this commercial. I understand it sounds a lot like “shit my pants”, but guess what, they are saying “ship” so you can’t really go and call Kmart bad or insensitive. The fact that this is what upsets people in this country is pretty pathetic. Again, I understand parents don’t want their kids to hear something that is very similar to “shit”, but they aren’t saying it, so no harm done. How am I connecting this with terrorism? I feel that more tactics should be used to interrogate terrorists in custody. People cry foul and torture when we dump buckets of water on their head, aka water boarding. But seriously, I couldn’t believe people in this country were mad how we handled our terrorists in captivity. If we needed more lethal tactics to keep this country safe, then do it! I have zero sympathy for anyone associated with terrorism. America says they don’t want to show the world that we are torturing people, but as terrorists use more guerrilla and lethal ways to harm people inside this country, why not go a little farther?! The more extreme terrorists’ tactics are, the more extreme our tactics should be. I am sure there are more interrogation methods the US uses and I obviously do not know what they are. But if the news comes on about public outrage over dumping some water on a terrorists head, then those complaining should have their head examined. Again, I have no sympathy for any terrorist, especially those captured. Do what you have to do America.

obama Obama briefed on the attack

The Boston bombing was horrific, and a truly cowardly act by whoever did this. It just makes me angry, sad and sick to my stomach. People lost limbs, blood was everywhere and what was a joyous scene hours earlier looked like a a war zone As of 4/16 at 11 AM, there are three confirmed dead and over a 170 injured. It is reported that an 8 year old boy passed away, which just makes me want to vomit. Peoples lives will never be the same, and the marathon will never be the same. Hopefully, something like this will never have to happen again, but it seems like more of these attacks will sadly continue to happen to us and others. There is no way to fully stop evil, and it makes you wonder just what kind of thoughts runs through a persons sick, twisted mind. I guess terrorists just want their straight path to hell when they die.

To all the people of Boston, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and be strong. Just like New York years back, you will rise up, overcome and be back stronger than ever. We will not let these terrorist cowards ruin our ways of life. We showed that after 9/11, and we will show that again in 2013.

Also, to all of the Boston police, firefighters, volunteers and anyone else who stayed to help those hurt, you are all heroes and thank you for your bravery.


God Bless America.

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