The Good in Sports

Sometimes, it is great to get a sports story that is heartwarming and has GOOD written all over it. Sadly in this day and age, mostly negative stories are reported on. Enough about Mike Rice, scandalous college referees, failed drug tests, pay offs etc. For once, lets focus on  what Nebraska did for 7 -year-old Jack Hoffman, who has brain cancer. The team allowed Jack to enter in the teams spring game for the final play, running past everyone to score the games final touchdown. Fans cheered in the stands, and players looked overjoyed as they crowded around Jack in the end zone  This is a truly great moment and shows the good in sports, which is forgotten about with all the constant negative news stories.

There are a ton of stories like this one that goes untold. Lets all try to report on some more good! Kudos to the entire Nebraska program for this classy and special moment.


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2 Responses to The Good in Sports

  1. byost99 says:

    You are completely right about how now a days reporters only point out the negitives that are happening in the sports world. I am from Omaha so you would be able to say that I am a Husker fan, and what the team did for Jack was more than generous. Jack will remember that for the rest of his life. I think it was very kind of the whole Husker program to take in Jack as one of their own. In my opinion there should be other collegiate teams that should do this same sort of thing.

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