Yu Darvish Gets SOOOOOOO Close to a Perfect Game

Last night, my friend kept getting mobile alerts sent to his phone. While many were womens basketball updates he ignored, one of thoe messages that came through said Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish had a perfect game through 6 innings. A few minutes later, another text saying he was perfect  through seven, then perfect through eight. Excited, we changed the channel to the MLB Network hoping they would cut away from the current game and give us a live look in. When the 9th started, MLB Network did just that and took the viewers to a live look in. My friend and I were very excited to see some history, especially this early in the season. Darvish got the first two batters out with ease. This was it, Darvish was going to do it. Before the last batter, my friend decides to say “Imagine if he blows it here.” I looked over at him angrily, as I hate when people jinx stuff. What happens? Houston Astros shortstop Marwin Gonzalez (who?) slaps the first pitch he sees from Darvish right between his legs and up the middle for a single. Perfect game over. I looked over at my friend and just called him a jinx. While I was bummed not to see history, I am sure we will see one or two perfect games this season, and the Houston Astros are the team that will definitely give a pitcher his chance at perfection.


Yu’s teammates congratulate him on an excellent pitched game after blowing the perfect game. He threw 8 2/3 of perfect baseball and struck out a career high 14 batters. Darvish handled blowing perfection with a smile and good sportsmanship.


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3 Responses to Yu Darvish Gets SOOOOOOO Close to a Perfect Game

  1. siejczyk says:

    Good article, would have been nice to see him get it though. Had to like his reaction after the single. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Rays who had a perfect game thrown against them, seems like they are good for one or a no hitter each season

    • peteyg1989 says:

      Yea man I was gonna say the Rays! They are always getting no hit and shit lol..but when Yu lost his his reaction instantly reminded of Armando Galarraga when the umpire blew his perfect game..just a smile, its cool to see athletes handle it with class

      • siejczyk says:

        Agreed its obviously got to be disappointing, but its good to see he was happy with his superb effort and getting the win for his team

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