Which Injury is Worse?

On Sunday, (1) Louisville was taking on (2) Duke with a Final Four berth on the line. The game was close early on and the game was fast paced and electric. Then suddenly, all of the life was sucked out of the building when Louisville player Kevin Ware suffered a horrific leg injury, one many compared to Joe Theismann’s leg injury in 1985. Ware jumped up to contest a Duke three pointer,  but what looked like a typical basketball play ended with horror. Ware landed and his leg buckled, curving in an unnatural looking way. Ware fell right in front of his bench, his leg gruesomely disfigured and the bone sticking out. The players and even Coach Pitino took a few seconds to notice what happened, but once they saw Ware’s leg, they were horrified. His teammates openly sobbed, some fell to the ground in shock and even Coach Pitino looked visibly shaken. Ware was put onto a stretcher, but his team all went over and he delivered one message, which was to win the game. The Cardinals didn’t look back, even though some wondered if the team would be able to play after what they just experienced. What was a close game at halftime ended up with a blowout 85-63 win by Louisville. The team celebrated by holding up Ware’s #5 jersey, and pictures later came out of Ware standing on crutches, wearing a final four hat. Doctors say Ware should be able to play in a year, but it will certainly be a long and grueling recovery, and I’m wishing Ware all the best.


Now we ask, did this injury look worse than the one former Chicago Bears player Johnny Knox suffered back in 2011? Watch the videos and cast your vote, but be warned, both videos are pretty nasty. I recommend to watch at your own risk, and definitely don’t watch if you are about to eat some food.

1. Kevin Ware

2. Johnny Knox

waretalkweb2s-1-web Ware after surgery

dm_130212_nfl_bears_cut_knoxKnox hasn’t played since

Please note, this isn’t a post to glorify injuries or to show these for your amusement. When I saw Ware’s injury, I thought it was the worst I have ever seen, but then thought of the Knox injury and was curious as to what people would think was worse, that’s all. Kevin Ware is just a kid who will miss out on one of the biggest moments of his basketball career! Johnny Knox recently retired because he still hasn’t fully healed yet. I feel awful for both of these players. However, some people need to stop being so sensitive over EVERY LITTLE THING and lighten up a little bit, it is so pathetic.

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4 Responses to Which Injury is Worse?

  1. Beezers and Blowhards says:

    10 years from now, that injury with Kevin Ware is still going to freak the bejesus out of me.

    • peteyg1989 says:

      Absolutely man, one of the worst I’ve ever seen. I think the Knox injury is way more horrifying though, a persons back should not bend like that..

      • Beezers and Blowhards says:

        Yeah, I’m surprised Knox isn’t a quadriplegic from that hit. That’s terrifying in its own right. That’s one of those hits that could kill you.

        Still the injury with Kevin Ware was frightening.

      • peteyg1989 says:

        Both are frightening, wouldnt wish either on anyone! Knox had to retire, I believe before 2012 season he did, its a shame but the back injury is definitely the worst one ever, cringe every time

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