My Bracket Heading into the Sweet 16

I’ll admit, I don’t know really anything about college basketball. Once the brackets are revealed, I just wing my picks and hope for the best. My bracket is hanging onto life support going into the Sweet 16, but there is still a chance for me to win with my national champion pick Miami still alive.


Here is some good and bad from my bracket:

Midwest: This region I have fared pretty well in, as I have all four of my Sweet 16 picks still alive. (1) Louisville is taking on edgy (12) Oregon, and (3) Michigan State will take on (2) Duke, a great match up between legendary coaches Tom Izzo and Mike Krzyzewski, respectively. I got Louisville advancing to the Final Four, but not winning it all like every other person out there.


West: This region is absolutely brutal…look at all of those X’s marked on my page! There were two different second round match ups in which I didn’t get either team right! While many people got screwed over when (3) New Mexico was knocked out the first game by Harvard, my big loss was having (5) Wisconsin go down in the first round, eliminating one of my Elite 8 teams right away! I didn’t have Gonzaga going very far (thank god) as I knew enough to know that the Zags were a weak number one seed (due to their softer schedule). As much as I don’t care for Ohio State, they are still alive and are looking good to hopefully reach the Final Four and get me some points back!

Iowa State v Ohio State

South: Another region that wasn’t nice to me, the South is pretty much ruined for me. The night before all of the games started, I looked at my bracket and wondered “why Georgetown”? I was uneasy having the Hoyas be one of my Final Four teams, but I needed points and Georgetown was a different pick. Well (15) Florida Gulf Coast just came out and destroyed the Hoyas, showing crazy speed and athleticism. How the Hoyas were a 2 seed is beyond me, and right away my Final Four team got knocked out. FGCU is a great story (the first 15 seed to make the Sweet 16), and I hope they keep it going and make it all the way to the Final Four! My other hope was (5) VCU, who looked dominant in beating (12) Akron. My high hopes were crushed early Saturday when (4) Michigan came out and beat them down, knocking out my other Elite 8 team. Pretty much, I can’t earn anymore points from this awful region.

Florida Gulf Coast  defeats San Diego State to become the first No. 15 seed to make the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Sweet 16.

East: This is a region that holds my greatest hopes. I have the matchup of (1) Indiana playing (4) Syracuse, with the Cuse winning to advance to the Elite 8. I also have (2) Miami taking on (11) Bucknell, but oh wait Bucknell is out, so it is Miami all the way! The Hurricanes are my pick to win the tournament, and they made me nervous the other night, but were able to pull out a victory.


If I can get points from Ohio State, Louisville, Michigan State, Syracuse and Miami all making runs, I should be ok and might still have a chance to win my bracket! March Madness is the best time of the year, even for a someone who isn’t a huge college fan like me.

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