State of My Sports Life

Where we stand as of 3/13/13.

1. New York Jets- It’s the offseason, and like the usual Jet way, it is miserable. The Jets have already cut Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Sione Po’uha, Eric Smith etc. The Jets are watching as players such as Dustin Keller, Shonn Greene, Mike DeVito and Laron Landry sign with other teams. Oh, and Sanchez is still pretty much the quarterback, and Jets fans better hope David Garrard, the fossil who hasn’t played in two years, can win the job for him.  The Miami Dolphins just added Mike Wallace, so trading Darrelle Revis will hurt the team more than ever, especially because we won’t get nearly as much value for Revis due to his injury and high contract demands. The Jets can pretty much sign no good free agent, so this offseason will be a big bore for the diehard fans of gang green. The circus looks to continue for at least another year, and if this season goes bad, it’s goodbye Rex Ryan

Odds to win a Superbowl: 500-1


2. New York Yankees- The team that is my only true winner, the only team that never does me wrong. Dark days look to be ahead for a Yankees fan, however. While I do believe the Yankees can survive early injuries to Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira, 2013 still isn’t looking so good. First, the entire division is better, and pretty much every team will be competitive. Second, the Yankees don’t know who will play where. Will Youkilis slide over to first? Eduardo Nunez at third? Juan Rivera in the outfield? It’s just a big mess, and it’s even worse when Brian Cashman is lobbying for old man Chipper Jones to play for the Yanks through the media. Finally, this team is old. If this upcoming year goes south, this team needs to rebuild. Yankees fans have to accept it and let this team get youth and prospects instead of signing 30 year old free agents. While there is less excitement and the feeling of dread among many fans, this team can still put it together and make a championship run for Mariano Rivera.

Odds to win a World Series: 25-1 (cause its still championship or bust)


3. New York Knicks- The Knicks started off the season on fire, going 18-5 and giving the fans championship aspirations. Now, that start is distant memory, as the team has pretty much played .500 basketball since. Some games the Knicks offense dries up, other games its their defense that is shredded. Amare Stoudemire is always hurt, but his contract is  immovable, so we are stuck with him. The Carmelo Anthony love/hate is in full effect among Knick fans. The Knicks need a healthy Melo to win, and yesterday he said he won’t be 100% for the rest of the season. Sadly, a promising start will look to end in a negative way. Like the Yankees, the Knicks are old and are looking more and more tired every game. Plus its basketball, where only 2-3 teams really have a shot at winning it all. The Heat pretty much have the East wrapped up, well at least that’s how it feels. Who will beat LeBron and the Heat 4 out of 7 times in a series?

Odds to win a NBA title: 1000-1 (Basically because of the Heat)


4. New York Rangers- This leaves me with the Rangers as the team that gives me the best chance to see a championship. Yes, I have to rely on the Rangers, whose history isn’t so fantastic when it comes to winning. The Rangers came into this year as Stanley Cup favorites, but they have struggled to play like they did last year. Rick Nash was a great addition to the team, but the Rangers lost a lot of grit and toughness that helped them grind out tough wins last year. The team has played better recently, but are in only 8th place with teams like the Flyers, Jets and Islanders, of all teams, breathing down their necks. The Rangers need to look at the Kings of last year…inconsistent through the season, makes playoffs as an 8th seed then goes on a run to win the Cup. I believe in Lundqvist, I believe in Callahan as our captain and I believe in the team, but let’s get to the playoffs first. The Rangers have the best team out of my sports teams moving forward, so they are my best bet at a championship for the near future.

Just wish me luck….


Odds to win a Stanley Cup: 20-1

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