PeteyG Is Beefing: ESPN


This is the kind of garbage I hate about ESPN. Last night, the Golden State Warriors destroyed the Knicks 92-63. The team didn’t look into it, Anthony clearly was hurt, Novak couldn’t buy a three pointer and the teams defense was getting shredded. Still, does this warrant a next day headline by ESPN New York saying “Stick A Fork In ‘Em?”. ESPN…CALM DOWN! Did you forget that the Knicks, without Anthony, came within a point of beating the Thunder? I know a loss is a loss, but that was a game the world thought the Thunder were going to run away with. Or how the team minus Melo and Stoudemire beating down the Utah Jazz on Saturday? No, one awful loss and this warrants us to “stick a fork in em”. Look this is basketball, a sport where 2-3 teams only actually have a chance at a championship each year. It’s the sad truth, and it makes me wonder why more than half of the NBA franchises even bother to play! The Knicks caught everyone’s attention with their scorching 18-5 start to the season, and beating down the Miami Heat two times in that span. That spawned championship talk from the Knick players and fans, and this years team is probably one of the best teams a generation has seen!

That amazing start now seems like a distant memory. Regardless, what does ESPN want the team to do, just start the rebuild now? ESPN says they have injuries, what team doesn’t? The team went through a “horrifc” loss, as have most other teams this year and in the history of the NBA. Guess what ESPN, you play on. In basketball, you lose a game and it’s onto the next one. If the Knicks beat the Warriors last night by 30, the headline today would have been “Knicks Rolling Along, Look to Continue Strong Play.”

One loss, that is all that was. I understand the standings are tight and losing any game could knock the Knicks from 2nd to 4th in a heartbeat, but relax ESPN. No one in the league would have stopped Stephen Curry from shooting as ridiculous as he did last night.

Just make the playoffs, plain and simple. Anything can happen in the playoffs, despite ESPN already crowning the Miami Heat NBA champions. Melo’s knee may not be 100% for the rest of the year, and the team may be old and showing signs of fatigue. But this team is still talented, and can still make some noise in the playoffs.

You know what ESPN needs to stick a for in? Stephen A. Smith. There was a featured story Screaming A. wrote about Carmelo, but I never waste any of my time ready that mans articles, as they are filled with stupidity and rants. I just click on Smith’s stories to read the comments from other people, who like myself, realize he is an absolutely awful journalist. Smith is the king of saying one thing, only to flip flop the next day when he realizes he was wrong. ESPN is criticizing players doing their jobs, when they should look in the mirror and realize half of their journalists do their jobs extremely poor as well.


Stephen A. Smith, the worst and the reason I don’t listen to ESPN NY 98.7 between 1-3 pm.

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