Aussie Ref Wearing Camera During Game=Genius

When watching a sporting event, I’ve sometimes imagined how awesome it would be if a camera was put on a player. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you put a tiny camera on the helmet of a goaltender, and sit on the edge of your seat as you watch the other team try to score? It would be a real tense moment, and give sports viewers at home more options to watch the sports they love.

My friend told me I had to watch the video that is posted above, as a camera is put on an Aussie rugby referee. The angles he gets are amazing, and puts fans at home right in the middle of the action. Watching a player get hit that close shows just how tough a sport rugby really is, and the camera is a great way to attract new fans to the sport.

Some other great uses of this camera could include:

  • Camera’s on NFL referees, or even better, in the helmets of the players for a first person view, a la old school ESPN NFL 2k5.
  • Get a small camera on the helmet of a batter, or pitcher. Nothing is more epic than a duel between the two, and seeing either battle it out in a first person view would be a great experience
  • Umpires in baseball can wear them, so if they miss a call on one of the bases, fans can see the replay from their view, and maybe even sympathize with the ump that it really was a hard angle to see. This in turn would reduce the death threats umps received when they screw up a play.
  • Why limit the camera to just goalies in hockey or soccer? Put a tiny camera on the helmet of an all star, such as Pavel Datsyuk or Lionel Messi, and watch as they carve through the ice or field, respectively.
  • Same for an NBA player. How cool would it be to see a dunk thrown down through the “eyes” of Blake Griffin or LeBron James? You could watch a point guard like Steve Nash run the floor, or put a camera on Steve Novak and watch as he shoots those long three pointers!
  • This would obviously be hard to do, due to lack of clothing items worn during the events, but a camera on a boxer or UFC fighter would probably be the coolest thing ever. If you were somehow able to watch a first person view of Manny Pacquiao would help attract more fans to the dying sport!

With technology, all of this is possible. Cameras are being built smaller than ever, and cameras wouldn’t only enhance a fans view, but also allow a fan to hear the game from a on the field perspective. Imagine all of the amazing sound bites that could be taken directly from the field. If Roger Goodell was able to put camera’s on the New Orleans Saints, then we would know for sure if “bountygate” actually happened or not. Now many cameras do this already, and some networks have experimented with cameras on players. Still, let’s make this a full fledged experience! We have the technology, so there is no excuse as to why this isn’t possible!


How cool would it be to see from this angle? (Taken from ESPN NFL 2k5)

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