Percy Harvin Traded to Seahawks

According to Fox Sport’s Jay Glazer, and seemingly confirmed by ESPN’s Adam “I got the inside scoop 24/7” Schefter, the Vikings have traded star wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks for draft picks. The move isn’t all that surprising, despite a few weeks ago the Vikings said they wouldn’t be moving the often injured receiver.

Harvin has had an up and down career since being drafted by the Vikings 22nd overall in 2009. Many teams passed over the talented receiver from Florida, due to injury concerns and off field issues. Still, Harvin started off his NFL career well, earning 2009 Rookie of the Year honors, showing off his talent and speed. Harvin is an explosive receiver, one who is lethal after catching the ball and making big plays happen. All you have to do is throw a short pass to Harvin and watch him do the rest. He has made big plays off of kickoffs as well, and is one of the only offensive talents the Vikings had besides Adrian Peterson.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions

Despite his play making abilities, Harvin can rarely stay healthy. This past season, he missed the final seven games with an ankle injury. He has suffered numerous migraines throughout the years that have kept him out of games. The migraines got so bad that questions about Harvin having a full career started to surface.

Harvin, one the final year of his rookie contract, was looking for an extension and seemed to be upset with his role in Minnesota. Last season, there were rumors he had asked for a trade, and this year they surfaced again. Harvin didn’t like how the offense was being run, as well as having problems with the teams doctors. Harvin’s unhappiness was made even more apparent when he decided to rehab his ankle injury away from the Vikings, as they made their push to reach the playoffs. It was also widely reported that Harvin disliked Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, and the two got into heated arguments in front of players and staff.


If this trade is made official, the Seahawks landed a great player, yet one who comes with a lot of baggage. First, the Hawks will have to work out an extension with Harvin, and he will want big money. Second, you don’t know when he will get hurt. He is like a ticking time bomb, waiting for that next injury to occur. Third, Harvin had numerous problems with coaches, and it will be interesting to see how he gets along with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who is a bit of a hot head.

The addition of Harvin is the type of receiver the Seahawks need though. He is fast, explosive and is a great option to run underneath routes for second year quarterback Russell Wilson. The Seattle offense looks nice with Marshawn Lynch running the ball along with Harvin, Sidney Rice and Golden Tate catching it. Look for the Vikings special teams to improve as well if the coaches decided to put Harvin back there.

Overall, this is a great move for the Seahawks, despite many question marks. Now, it remains to be seen what draft picks the Vikings will receive. Many rumors are speculating a first round pick, and in my opinion that is already too much. If the Seahawks were able to pry a first round pick for a talented, yet often injured and me first player like Harvin, then the Jets should look to get no less than a first round pick for their superstar, Darrelle Revis. A second round pick would be the most I give for Harvin, but that’s just me. This years draft isn’t loaded with talent anyway, and the Hawks have a higher pick at number 25, probably one they can live without. Hopefully, Harvin stays healthy, and matures a little bit so that he has a good career moving forward.

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