How Joe Flacco’s Deal is Impacting Other Quarterbacks

Joe Flacco made his 6 year, 120.6 million dollar contract official yesterday, making him the highest paid quarterback in NFL history. Whether Flacco deserves to be the highest paid QB is up for debate. However, Flacco’s deal has really caught the attention of some other teams, teams that have great quarterbacks ready to be the next highest paid NFL player.

1. Matt Ryan- Getting drafted the same year as Flacco (2008), you know Ryan and his agents have been following the contract talks very closely. Ryan is entering the final year of his 6 year, 72 million dollar contract he signed after he was drafted by the Falcons. Owner Arthur Blank, who has given out big QB money in the past (Vick), will look to do so again with Matt Ryan, who took the franchise out of the dark era of  dog fighting, and turned the team into a championship contender. Ryan will probably wait like Flacco did, and play out this season to see if he could squeeze out more. However, unless Ryan wins the Super Bowl this year, I can’t justify him being the highest paid quarterback.

If he wins superbowl- 8 years, 130 million…if not-  7 years, 115 million.


2. Matthew Stafford- Despite having two years remaining on his contract, the Lions quarterback has a ridiculous cap hit of 20.8 million in 2013. To reduce the cap hit, the Lions can give Stafford an extension, but with Flacco currently setting the market, is now the time for the Lions to give it? Stafford had an insane year in 2011, throwing for over 5,000 yards and 41 touchdowns. Compared to 2012, Stafford had a slightly down year, still throwing for 4,967 yards, but only 20 touchdowns. Still, the Lions can easily improve the offense, adding a running back and a wide receiver to complement Megatron, and Stafford can be back to putting up big numbers. Highest paid quarterback though…not so fast.


3. Aaron Rodgers- The Joe Flacco deal has definitely made the loyal cheesehead fans nervous. Rodgers is easily one of the best quarterbacks in the game, and if any quarterback deserves top dollar, it’s him. Rodgers has a Super Bowl title in 2011, as well as put up eye popping numbers and be a Favre-like in terms of his leadership ability. Unlike the two quarterbacks listed above, Rodgers deal isn’t up until 2014, but by then, we may have yet another record setting quarterback deal. Simply put, if Rodgers continues to put up big numbers and is able to win a few more important playoff games again, look for him to make bank and become the highest paid quarterback in NFL history

Thinking 9 years, 145 million.


4. Tony Romo- I am only throwing in Romo because he has been linked to the Flacco talks like the other three quarterbacks have. Still, when I think of Romo having a chance to be one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league, I can’t help but laugh. Look Romo isn’t a bad quarterback, he actually puts up good numbers but the Dallas Cowboy’s offensive line has been simply horrendous trying to protect Romo. Romo’s deal can help give the Cowboys some salary cap relief for the 2013 offseason, so the Cowboys would like a deal done soon. Would he be the highest paid? Not even close, win some playoff games first Romo, and up that weak mentality you have when the game is on the line, and the ball in your hands!


Fun Note:

How does Joe Flacco spend his first day with a 120 million dollar contract? By stopping by a McDonalds of course!

flacco mcnuggets

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