The Miami Heat are Laughing at the NBA

Analyzing the Miami Heat Harlem Shake video

LeBron James-Dressed in a king’s hat and cape, LeBron pulls off the best moves in this video. He has a smile on his face that says “ F*** you haters, I have a ring, and I’m the best in the world”. LeBron isn’t playing with the weight of the world on his shoulders anymore, and you can see how much more enjoyment he is having this year than any other year.

Chris Bosh- Bosh is off to the left of LeBron, dressed in a pimp like costume. He has the big boombox, the hat and sunglasses. His dance moves are pretty funny, but Bosh dressed as a dinosaur or an ostrich would have made much more sense. Everyone sees it but Bosh himself!


Dwayne Wade- Wade is behind LeBron, covering his face with a bear head. He is pretty mellow, just standing in place pointing his hands into the air. Wade pulls off some great moves later on though, which is pretty funny.

Others- You have Chris “Birdman” Anderson open up the video with him flapping his arms like a bird. Once the video begins, you can see him in the back left just standing still with his arms raised. Ray Allen has a phantom looking mask on, probably to show he is a two face because he went from the Celtics to their recent arch rivals. You have Mario Chalmers dressed as “Super Mario”, and a guy in the back who is dressed as an astronaut wearing a horse head.

Overall, the video is pretty funny, like or hate the Heat. The Heat are probably the only team who could pull this off, as they are the defending world champs, and are playing out of their minds right now. The Heat know they are the best, and this video is definitely has subliminal messages underneath it all, basically showing the Heat are laughing at the rest of the NBA!

And why are they laughing?

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article that said the Thunder better hope they don’t play the Heat again in the NBA Finals. Well, lets change that to “Any team better hope they don’t play the Heat…ever!”.

The Heat are just that good, and taking out the Knicks just showed their dominance. The Heat now lead second place Indiana by 6.5 games, and the Knicks are in third, 7.5 games back. Anything can happen in the playoffs, as the Pacers and Knicks still have the best chance to beat the Heat. Throw in dark horse teams like the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics, and it seems the Heat have a lot of formidable foes. Still, in a 7 game series, will anyone beat the Heat? Teams may win a game or two, but LeBron is playing out of his mind right now. James is the front runner for his 4th league MVP award, as he is averaging 27 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists a game. Even on nights where LeBron is off his game, he still can command a game and get teammates involved. Having all star teammates like Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh help, and it gets even easier on LeBron if guys like Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen and Shane Battier make their shots. Of course, the Heat play great, suffocating defense, and every game shows the Heat getting their defensive intensity back.

Can anyone beat the Heat?! Anything is possible, but right now it looks like they will steamroll through the Eastern conference, and most likely meet the Oklahoma City Thunder again in the finals, who the Heat absolutely dominate.

NBA: MAR 04 Heat at Lakers

One more quick thought: NHL Playoffs are More Fair

Basketball is a sport of a few dominant teams. We saw it with Jordan and the Bulls, as that team kept players like Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller and Karl Malone from winning the big game. Now, with LeBron and the Heat dominating, will he keep players such as Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul ringless? It seems that way, but in my opinion, any basketball team seeded 5th and below seem like they have no chance to do anything in the playoffs. Basketball is just a few dominate teams, as many feel the Heat will make the finals in the East. In the West, it is most likely the teams will either be the San Antonio Spurs or the Thunder. Now, any team can make a run and knock off any team. But still, it doesn’t look likely. Meanwhile, what’s great about the NHL playoffs is that every team has a chance. You see one seeds get knocked off all of the time, just ask the Washington Capitals or San Jose Sharks franchises. Last year, the number one seed in the East was the Rangers with 109 points and the Vancouver Canucks in the West with 111 points. Yet, the teams in the Stanley Cup finals were the 6th seeded New Jersey Devils and the 8th seeded Los Angeles Kings! The Kings went on to win the cup, as in the 8th seeded team won, something you will rarely ever see happen in the NBA. Looking back at recent NHL playoffs, the 2006 cup finals had the 8th seeded Edmonton Oilers playing for the cup. In 2010, the Eastern Conference Championship series had the 8th seeded Montreal Canadiens play the 7th seeded Philadelphia Flyers. Yes, a 7th seed had the home ice advantage! Basically, in the NHL anything is possible, and any team can get it together and march towards the Stanley Cup. That is the beauty of the sport, just make the playoffs, then hope your team gets hot at the right time. I feel like in basketball we know who will be playing in the finals by December. Since 1999, the NBA champion teams include the Spurs, Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Mavericks, Pistons and… that’s it. Only 6 different franchises have won the NBA championship, which is hardly surprising. Let’s also look back to 1989, where only three teams won from 89-99, and those teams include the Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls, that’s all! Hockey is more well balanced, and in my opinion, makes for a far more entertaining playoff experience, where every team will have a chance to make a championship run eventually.

New Jersey Devils v Los Angeles Kings - Game Six

The La Kings won the cup as an 8 seed, will we see an 8th seeded NBA champion anytime soon?

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