Patrick Kaleta is an Idiot

The NHL needs to step up and suspend Kaleta for a lot of games. The NHL is giving him a phone hearing, which means maximum 5 games for this useless player who has a history of cheap hits and suspensions.

What will it take for the NHL to step up and really make a stand? Will it take this play happening again, only this time having a player break his neck and die on the ice?! Will that open the NHL’s eyes?!

Did Richards, an NHL veteran, embellish the hit? Maybe a little bit, as he only missed a shift. Sabres fans will cry that Richards dove and that Dan Girardi boarded Tyler Ennis later on in the game. The difference between the two hits? Ennis and Girardi were both skating to the puck, and when Ennis got there first he turned his back to Girardi to shield the puck, resulting in the boarding hit. Not every boarding play is a 5 minute major, and 2 minutes was enough in this instance. Kaleta’s type of hit has ended careers before, and I doubt Richards dove head first into the boards to get a penalty, like some fans who are mad would like to believe. Still, many NHL experts and analysts agree Kaleta’s hit was moronic and needs to be taken out of the sport.

Can’t wait to see what Brendan Shanahan will give this clown, but however long he gets suspended, it won’t be enough. But then again with Shanahan who knows, Kaleta might get nothing, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

Click the link above to see how Shanahan comes up with his decisions!

Repeat offender Kaleta headbutting a Flyers player in 2011


Update 11:30- Kaleta gets a five game suspension. Its a start Shanahan…

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