March Madness is the Best

It is officially March, and one of my favorite months in sports. I am not the biggest college basketball fan out there, and have only caught glimpses of some of the games this year. But once brackets are printed out and the tournament begins, there is nothing more exciting in sports. Here are some reasons why the tournament is one of my favorite sporting events of the yeas.

1. Madness!!!!- Even before the tournament, there is the selection process. That is the beginning to the madness, as there is always a team that gets snubbed, resulting in grumblings around the country. Once the 68 teams are selected and seeded, the fun begins. There is no better part of the tournament than the first round of games, spanning over two days, and fans can watch amazing games from 12 in the afternoon to 12 at night!

2. Upsets- Is this the year that a 16 seed will beat a 1 seed? Will a 12 seed upset a 5 seed like it usually does? Will villains like Duke or the Kansas Jayhawks fall early in the tournament? From what I have seen on sports websites and on television, this year has been crazier than ever. During this season, a top 5 team has been upset by an unranked team an insane 18 times! Last night, number 4 Michigan lost to unranked Penn State, and number 3 Duke lost to unranked Virginia! Number 1 seeds have been falling at a crazy rate as well, as Kansas appears likely to gain the 1 ranking again. Other teams to fall this week were the Number 1 Indiana Hoosiers, losing to unranked Minnesota and number 8 Florida losing to Tennessee. This is going to be the year that many brackets are DESTROYED after the first round, because there will be a ton of upsets.

3. Meeting future NBA stars- The tournament is a great way to get to know more about these college players, as every team boasts at least one player who is amazing to watch. People can see it coming from miles away (Derrick Rose) to being surprised by a kid who came out of nowhere during the tournament (Stephen Curry). Still, every team has someone that is fun to watch, and researching about these players will only help to make you and your bracket last longer. Get ready to be wowed by great players such as Creighton’s Doug McDermott, Victor Oladipo of Indiania and Trey Burke of Michigan. This list of players barely scratch the surface of what fans will see come tournament time.

Start researching teams, conferences and players people! Madness is about two weeks away, and this years tournament is shaping up to be more insane than ever before!

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