Best Sports Mugshots

Sports athletes are notorious for getting into trouble. Whether it is for drunk driving, domestic abuse or involving a firearm, many athletes find numerous ways to get into trouble with the law.

First the funny:


I have to give props to Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant for this gem. Bryant was hammered and broke into his neighbors house, causing a commotion before police arrested him.     Greatest.mugshot.ever.


Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton, charged with DUI.


This is probably the smartest Tyson has ever looked.

lesnar_b arrested because he received roids, charges droppedbig show

Although WWE wrestling is fake, these two mugshots were too good to not add. On the left is Brock Lesnar, and the right is “The Big Show”


Hahahahaha Charles Barkley

manti teo gf

Manti Teo’s girlfriend

Now onto some more serious looking mugshots:


Chamberlain had to sit for his mugshot


Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane, one of my favorite players to watch in the NHL, was arrested in 2009 for assaulting a cab driver. What was the dispute over? Change…as in the 20 cents the cab driver couldn’t give to his millionaire passenger…..

Ray Lewis

Did Ray Lewis do it or not?…..

burress mugshot Vick Indicted

What did these two players do? Ruin their great NFL careers at the time. Plaxico Burress (left) shot himself in the leg, Mike Vick (left) killed dogs. Two different ways to get jailed.

alg-jason-kidd-mugshot dwi kidd domestic

Jason Kidd, arrested in 2012 for drunk driving (left) and in 2001 for domestic abuse.


JaMarcus Russell was arrested for sucking and stealing the Raiders money.


miggy arenas kobeeeee

Miguel Cabrera            Gilbert Arenas             Kobe Bryant


Randy Moss                    Kirby Puckett

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