Stephen Curry Puts on a Show at MSG


Madison Square Garden has a mystique that surrounds it, and it seems that there is always an NBA player waiting to erupt on one of basketball’s biggest stages. Stephen Curry did just that last night against the Knicks, scoring a career high 54 points and earning the respect of the Garden faithful. What was even more impressive was Curry shooting an astounding 11-13 from beyond the three point line, a night after being involved in a scuffle with the Indiana Pacers.

Still, it is not that entirely surprising that Curry shot the ball so well, considering his dad was NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry. However, many say that Stephen is an even better shooter than his dad, and people saw Stephen’s potential all the back in in 2008. That was when Stephen willed number 10 Davidson all the way to the Elite Eight, basically putting the team on his back and showing the world his scoring potential. Curry went on to be drafted 7th overall in the 2009 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors.

And last night, the Warriors were glad they made that pick, despite losing. Curry again single handily kept his team in the game, hitting big shots to keep taking the lead from the Knicks in the 4th quarter. Curry scored 16 of the team’s 24 points in the final quarter, but it wasn’t enough as the Knicks decided to swarm and double team Curry, letting other players take the open shots.

Still, even though the Warriors lost, the team definitely noticed and respected how Curry put the team on his back. This is an NBA player who was tossed to the ground not once, but twice the night before by NBA players who dwarf him. This is a player who was called too short, too lanky, too injury prone and too much of a one dimensional player. But every time he gets knocked back down, Curry shows that what he has on the inside is much bigger than what is seen on the outside.

Curry put up 54 points at Madison Square Garden last night, the most since Kobe Bryant dropped 61 in February of 2009. Watch Curry hit his three point shots here.

Hilarious alert! After hitting a big three, Curry does the “shimmy”, and shimmies all the way past teammate Draymond Green, who was left hanging.

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