Some Interesting Sports Polls


Despite Mark Sanchez’s infamous “buttfumble” happening more than three months ago on Thanksgiving, sports fans aren’t about to let him forget about it. Every week, Sportscenter does its “Not Top Ten”, where they show funny clips of sports fails. The number one pick for the week will go up with the current “Worst of the Worst”, which has been Sanchez since November. As seen by the domination on the poll above, the buttfumble seems like it is here to stay for months to come. Over/under June that this play is still “Worst of the Worst”.

Patriots poll

Today, Terrell Suggs went off on the Patriots, claiming “all of the other 31 NFL teams hate them”. Many can point to Bill Belichick and his attitude, numerous instances of running up the score, etc. as to why a team would dislike the Pats. Suggs also points out how the league changed a rule (regarding the Tuck rule), as well as quarterback safety (when Brady got his leg rolled into) because of Tom Brady. Some fans hate the Pats for “Spygate”, others because of their success. Still, no one can deny they are a world class organization and are very successful becuase they build teams the right way. It also depends on what team you like too, as many Giants fans would probably say the Cowboys are the most hated. Still, a majority of ESPN readers agreed with Suggs statement, who still seems angry at the world despite just winning a Super Bowl…


Finally, does Alex Smith going to the Chiefs change make them a candidate to win the AFC West next year? As the poll above shows, fans think no, there is no chance!

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