49ers Have Interest in Darrelle Revis

A day after agreeing to trade Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, the 49ers are looking to make another big deal. According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the Niners have talked about making a trade for the Jets star cornerback, Darrelle Revis.

Revis island

The trade would make sense for both sides, but it would have helped the Jets more had they been able to get quarterback Alex Smith in the trade. Now, that option is out the door, but yesterday’s trade to the Chiefs can still make it more than possible for the Niners to make this trade with the Jets.

The 49ers are loaded with draft picks, having 11 already. That number will go up more once the Smith trade is finalized, receiving the 34th pick in the second round. The 49ers could make a nice trade package offered around their first round pick (31) and their second round pick (34th). While the 31st overall pick may seem a little low to some Jets fans, but it may be the best offer the Jets can find, as many teams are reluctant to offer a lot due to Revis’ injury.

Many sports news outlets are reporting that the Jets have had numerous discussions with teams about Revis, and it became more likely that the Jets were going to trade Revis when the team didn’t talk with his agents at the scouting combine this past weekend. The 49ers make the most sense though as they have a need at cornerback and reports say that the Niners would have no problem taking Revis as a one year “rental player”. Many teams are turned off by Revis, who is a free agent in 2014, and wants to be one of the highest paid players in football. The Niners are willing to take Revis even only for one year because their team is stacked and hungrier than ever. After coming off of a disappointing Super Bowl loss, the team definitely views 2013 as a win now season. Revis can help get the 49ers over the hump, and would excel in another great defense.

Hopefully, if a trade does go down, Revis can agree to an extension with the Niners. Think about it, now football fans can see who the best cornerback really is, with Revis going to a division that already has the Seahawks Richard Sherman, who called out Revis last week. There would be nothing worse for the Jets than to watch one of the best corners in football go to a division rival like the Patriots or Dolphins. The Niners could help solve the Jets headaches right now, but Jets general manager John Idzik seems to be in no rush to make a move, and may let this one play out for as long as he wants.



Is this the team Revis is looking at?

Update: Literally 2 minutes after posting this, log on to Facebook and see that ESPN insider Adam Schefter posted, according to one of Chris Mortensen’s sources, the 49ers are not inclined to pursue Revis at this time, with “at this time” being the keywords. This trade still makes too much sense, and can still definitely happen in the future.

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