Best Free Agent Wide Receivers (2013)

The free agent NFL class of 2013 has some very interesting names at wide receiver. Teams that are in desperate need of a game changer should definitely look into signing one of the five players named below.

1. Greg Jennings- After a disappointing 2012 season in which Jennings played only eight games, Jennings will look to score a big contract. With the Packers having to decide on Jermichael Finley, as well as deciding on extensions for wide receivers James Jones and Randall Cobb in the near future, its looking more and more likely that Jennings will play else where in 2013. While he has great talent, Jennings needs a rhythm based offense that runs precise, crisp routes. Jennings will likely be the first receiver signed this offseason.


Potential fits: Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers

2. Mike Wallace- Wallace went into the 2012 season threatening to hold out, but decided against it and returned before the season started. Wallace, who is one of the fastest deep threats in the game, picked a bad time to have a down season. He was very inconsistent this past year, struggling to catch the ball and recording a high number of drops. Still, when healthy and on his game, Wallace is a beast. With the Steelers looking like they priced out Wallace by signing Antonio Brown, someone will break the bank to sign Wallace.


Potential fits: San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks

3. Dwayne Bowe- Bowe looked like he was on his way out of Kansas City, but with an entire new front office, Andy Reid will try his best to persuade the team to keep their best playmaking receiver. Bowe only had 59 catches and 3 touchdowns last year, but considering who his quarterbacks were for 2012, you feel bad for the guy. If he hits free agency, there will be a line of teams waiting to sign the skilled receiver, but he will likely be signed after Jennings and Wallace find new homes first.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs

Potential fits: Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts

4. Wes Welker- Welker, now 32, came off another great year with the Patriots. After wanting big money last year, Welker was hit with the teams franchise tag. Welker went on to catch 118 balls, with Brady targeting Welker 174 times! Welker is one of the best slot receivers in the game. He is a match-up nightmare for opposing defenses, and it is pretty shocking the lack of respect the Patriots have shown to Welker over the past few years. If Welker hits free agency, he will receive a nice contract from some team more than happy to take him.


Potential fits: New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams, Chicago Bears

5. Danny Amendola- Amendola burst onto the NFL scene last year, becoming one of Sam Bradford’s favorite targets, as well as one of the most popular waiver wire pickups among fantasy football players. Amendola looked like a younger, tougher Wes Welker, as he worked primarily out of the slot. The Rams will try to work out a deal with Amendola, but if he hits free agency many teams will be interested in the toughness and skill he brings.

St. Louis Rams v Seattle Seahawks

Potential fits: St. Louis Rams, New York Jets, New York Giants, Arizone Cardinals

Other Free agents out there: Victor Cruz (restricted), Brian Hartline, Austin Collie, Braylon Edwards, Randy Moss, Josh Cribbs, Julian Edelman, Ted Ginn, Jerome Simpson.

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  1. pete says:

    rhythm based offense that runs precise, crisp routes.

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