Rising Talent: A Star per Sport



Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks- Darelle Revis is widely regarded as the best shutdown corner in football. Don’t go telling that to Richard Sherman. Sherman, who just completed his second year of pro football, publicly views himself as the man who is the best cornerback in football, and last week he made it well known to the world, taking shots at Revis via Twitter. The best tweet  by Sherman stated…


“One season u will get 8 picks.. But it won’t happen anytime soon… I did it in my second season.. So u have something to chase. Got off my flight to this hilarious convo. So I have 8 picks and 3 ff and a sack. My season stats looking like Revis career stats.”


Sherman is well on his way to be considered one of the best corners in football. He is big, physical and keeps up with any receiver. He is still young and has room to improve, so over the next 3-4 years, if Sherman can show the same consistency as he has in his first two seasons, then he will be right there with Revis.


Richard Sherman likes to talk, a lot.


James Harden, Houston Rockets- The Rockets have an emerging superstar down in Houston, and it is not Jeremy Lin. No, the franchise in Texas now belongs to James Harden. Coming into the 2012-13 season, James Harden was a cloud haning over the Thunder. After Harden rejected a Thunder contract offer said to be around 5 years, 50 million, the Thunder traded the reigning 6th man of the year to the Houston Rockets, where Harden signed a 5 year, 80 million dollar deal! Many who were skeptical of the deal are even more so now, as Harden has been dominant in Houson, and he has shown that by putting up a career high 46 points in beating his former team. Harden has shown a knack for making the big shots, whether it is a long three or a monstrous dunk. Harden can do it all, and only at age 23, there is no telling how high his potential can go. James Harden is one of my favorite players to watch in the NBA, and he will be the reason many free agents will choose to play for the Rockets over the next few years.



Giancarlo Stanton- Even though the Miami Marlins traded away half of their team in the offseason, Marlin fans shouldn’t fret completely. Ok, so gutting your team after the largest free agent spending spree wasn’t exactly the way things were supposed to go as planned in Florida, but at least the team still has Stanton! The big 6’5” right fielder has shown amazing power and baseball skill over the past two seasons. Stanton hit 34 home runs and had 87 RBI’s in 2011, and followed that up with 37 home runs and 86 Rbi’s in 2012. He is currently the face of the franchise with Jose Reyes, Marke Buehrle, Josh Johnson and Hanley Ramirez kicked out of town, and at first Stanton was not happy about the offseason fire sale, tweeting his displeasure with the ball club. Now, as spring training gets underway, Stanton has been a professional and has said all of the right things. Still, that hasn’t stopped teams, including the Yankees, to call up the Marlins and inquire about the 23 year old. The Marlins are smart to not let him go, and  Stanton should continue to put up huge numbers despite the lack of talent surrounding him.



This is how Stanton probably looked when he learned about the Marlins trade.


Connon McDavid- McDavid won’t be eligible for the NHL draft until 2015, but the 16 year old is already turning heads with his play. Like emerging NHL superstar John Tavares, McDavid took a similar path, getting drafted first overall by the OHL Erie Otters when he was only 15. Now, players such as Tavares, Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux are all singing McDavid’s praises, and view him as the next big thing. Sidney Crosby has said he sees himself when he looks at McDavid, some high praise for the youngster. McDavid has gotten to hang out and learn hockey from great Mario Lemieux, and was shocked when he randomly got a phone call from all time legend Wayne Gretzky, who wanted to talk a little hockey with the youngster. On the ice, McDavid has an amazing hockey sense, making great passes and always aggressively fighting for the puck. He is lighting up the OHL, and constantly playing with kids aged 19-20. The future overall number one pick of 2015 has 58 points currently in the OHL, with 24 goals and 34 assists. He may be a few years away, but remember this kids name, as he is the next big thing in hockey!


Already being billed as Hockey’s LeBron James.

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