Should they Stay or Should they Go?

The players listed are all in some sort of sticky situation with their current teams. Should they stay or should they go?!

Darelle Revis vs. Jets

revis<Revis will soon be laughing all the way to the bank>

Situation– Revis wants to be the highest paid defensive player in football, something a rebuilding Jets team is reluctant to do, despite saying how great he is.What should they do?– In my opinion, and it pains me to say this, trade Revis. He is the best cornerback in the NFL, and only 27, but the Jets have holes all through their roster, and Revis can haul in a big return for the Jets. The Jets cant tie up over 16 million for Revis while Cromartie makes over 8 million.Scenario- The Jets should call up the 49ers to see if they can trade Revis for Alex Smith and picks. This will let the Jets get a quarterback, as well as send Revis as far away as possible. If not, hold onto Revis and let him start the season to show other teams that he is healthy, then trade him at the trade deadline. If Revis slows down and stops demanding to be the highest paid player in football, then he will be a Jet like he claims he wants to be.

Dwight Howard Vs. Lakers

kobe-bryant-dwight-howard<Just make a free throw Dwight>

Situation– Face it, Dwight Howard doesn’t like playing with Kobe, and Mike D’Antoni’s system just doesn’t work for him.What should they do?- The Lakers have no reassurance that Dwight Howard will return after this season. The Lakers didn’t give up much to obtain Howard, but they shouldn’t let one of the best centers in basketball walk away for nothing.Scenario– Entertain offers at the trade deadline. If Howard isn’t traded, beg for Howard to stay as he can be the future of the team. If Howard walks, expect the Rockets and Nets to kick the tires. If Dwight does re-sign with the Lakers, fire Mike D’Antoni.

Victor Cruz Vs. Giants

cruz<May we see Cruz do the salsa in a different uniform?>

Situation– Basically, after two great seasons, Victor Cruz wants his money, and if the Giants don’t lock up Cruz long term, he might be doing his salsa moves elsewhere.What should they do?– The Giants have made it known that their priority is to sign wide receiver Hakeem Nicks first, who has one year left on his contract at 2.75 million. While Nicks is viewed as a worthy number one receiver, he is always injured and has never played a full 16 game  season. Cruz has proven over the last two seasons to be clutch and a big play maker, and he should definitely be the priority for big blue.Scenario- If Cruz doesn’t sign a contract by March 12, he will be a restricted free agent. The Giants can slap a first-round tender on him, meaning teams that sign Cruz would have to give up their first round draft pick. The Giants clearly don’t want to break the bank for Cruz as the team has many other needs, but an ugly holdout can be coming.

Robinson Cano vs. Yankees

Situation– Cano will be a free agent at the end of the year, and will be demanding big time money thanks to his agent, Scott Boras.What should they do?- I love Robinson Cano, he is one of my favorite players to watch and seeing him grow with the Yankees over the years has been fun. But the Yankees are stuck with the awful contracts of Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira. Cano is already 30, so if the Yankees sign him to a 9 year, 200 million dollar contract, the Yankees will continue to be screwed for years to come.Scenario- With Hal Steinbrenner wanting to get the teams salary cap number under 189 million to avoid the luxury tax, the Yankees are slashing prices and not signing every big free agent like they used to. If the Yankees can convince Cano to take a 5-6 year deal around, 150-170 million, that will work out much better. If signs point to Cano wanting to be paid the highest in baseball, then trade him so the Yankees can acquire youth and prospects.

Percy Harvin Vs. Vikings

Situation- Harvin has been vocal about his unhappiness with the Vikings this offseason, and a change of scenery may do both sides well.What should they do?- While many have speculated that Harvin was unhappy about his contract, reports came out a few days ago that Harvin was actually unhappy with the offense, wanting to see the team throw more and get him more involved. Harvin has one year left on his deal, and his constant whining along with suffering some sort of injury every year should make the Vikings think about trading Harvin while his value is still sky high.Scenario- Even though Harvin could get the team a lot back if a trade was worked out, trading their best receiver and second biggest playmaker on offense would be a set back for the Vikings, as they need to add more around quarterback Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson. The Vikings should show Harvin that they will indeed expand the offense, and signing a big name wide receiver like Greg Jennings or Mike Wallace would help the Vikings appeal more to Harvin.

Mark Sanchez vs. Jets

sanchez<Mark Sanchez had a nightmare season>

Situation- After being drafted 5th overall in the 09 draft, and playing four complete season in the NFL, Sanchez hasn’t shown any improvement, and his contract is screwing the franchise over, not allowing the Jets to give money to players that deserve it, like Darelle Revis.What should they do?- Last March, after missing out on free agent Peyton Manning, the Jets added three years to Sanchez’s contract, totaling five years and 58.25 million dollars. Sanchez will have a 2013 cap hit of over 13 million, making him around the 6th-7th highest paid QB, despite having an atrocious season in 2012 in which he had 26 turnovers, the buttfumble, made no one around him better and single handily flushed the Jets season down the drain with his awful performance in Tennessee on national television.  While Sanchez had an awful offense built around him, we have seen other QB’s, such as Eli Manning, take no name receivers and make them better. For a player drafted as high as Sanchez was, he still plays like a rookie.Scenario- There have been reports the Jets will try to trade Sanchez, but I can’t see any team being dumb enough to take him with that contract. Sanchez will likely be a Jet in 2013, and with his foot buddy Rex Ryan still coaching, he has a great chance to start. The Jets need to bring in some competition to push Sanchez (no, not Tebow) and try their best to give the starting QB job to anyone but Sanchez for this year.

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