NBA Power Rankings After the All Star Break

  1. Spurs 42-12- The Ageless wonders, led by Tim Duncan, look to continue their dominance out West.
  2. HEat 36-14- LeBron James will be fueled by Michael Jordan picking Kobe over him, and will help the Heat pull away from the rest of the East.
  3. thunder39-14- Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, that is all.
  4. clip39-17- The Clippers may not be the most popular team in LA, but they are certainly the best.
  5. Grizz 33-18- The West is stacked, and Zach Randolph will lead the way.
  6. NYK32-18- The Knicks need to get back to stringing wins together and moving the ball around, enough with the Iso plays!!!!
  7. pacers32-21- Danny Granger is close to returning, very good news for the Pacers.
  8. Nuggets33-21- Kenneth Faried is one of my favorite players in the NBA, the guy never stops moving and always fights for rebounds.
  9. bulls30-22- Hopefully Derrick Rose can return soon because the Bulls are a great defensive team, but they need his scoring.
  10. Nets 31-22- The Nets are having a nice first season in NY, but they have been blown out numerous times this year, a cause for concern.
  11. Jazz30-24- The Jazz are playing better ball led by PG Jamaal Tinsley.
  12. atl29-22- Josh Smith has been playing much better lately, but he may be kicked out of town soon.
  13. GSW 30-22- GS started the season on fire, but have cooled since.
  14. Lin29-26- James Harden is morphing into a superstar.
  15. Boston28-24- Will the Celtics trade KG, even though Garnett wants to stay?
  16. Portland25-28- The Blazers need some wins, and they need them now.
  17. LA25-29- I feel that LA can still make the playoffs as an 8th seed, but a championship run? Not with this team..PS TRADE HOWARD!
  18. Bucks26-25- Not gonna lie, besides Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis I have no clue what this teams about.
  19. Dirk23-29- Hard to believe that two summers ago this team was lifting the trophy.
  20. 7622-29- Andrew Bynum is screwing Phillys season.
  21. Raptors21-32- Rudy Gay is the only player worth watching on Toronto.
  22. Pistons21-33- With the trade of Tayshaun Prince, the last link to the Pistons championship teams in the 2000’s are gone.
  23. Minny19-32- Kevin Love needs to return ASAP, then get traded to a team that is actually good.
  24. NO19-34- Soon to be the Pelicans……
  25. Seattle19-35- Soon to be in Seattle……
  26. Kyrie16-37- Poor Kyrie Irving.
  27. Suns17-36- A once proud franchise is still struggling to find its way.
  28. Wiz15-36- Some people don’t consider John Wall to be a franchise player worthy of the number 1 pick overall, what do you think?
  29. Orl15-37- Still think Orlando was moronic not to take the Nets trade package for Howard.
  30. Bobcats12-40- Owner Michael Jordan, even at 50, could throw a Bobcats jersey on and be the best player on the team…think about it Mike.
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4 Responses to NBA Power Rankings After the All Star Break

  1. platisc says:

    nice to see the knicks still at No. 2 in the east. I’d love to see them duke it out with the heat for the conference but indi and chi-town scare me. The rest of the east is a cushion past the first round and the whole west is just cray cray. OKC and LAC specifically. The spurs with an impressive reg season as usual but too old to make noise past the conf. semis. Dwight Howard is a huge bitch and made big baller jerry buss die with all his bitching. He def needs to go, hope to see the Lake show in the postseason

    • peteyg1989 says:

      The Knicks just need to get back to doing what they were doing when they went 18-5 and thats PASS THE BALL AROUND. Pass the ball and find the open man! Too much of melo (although he has been playing amazing this year, cant be on his case that much) and JR standing in place and chucking up shots. Hopefully Camby and Sheed come back soon to add some size to the team, but I would play them limited minutes to be fresh for the playoffs. This team can definitely hang with the Heat in a 7 game series, but like you said Indiana and the Bulls especially scare me, as they are much younger and more physical. Still, I believe the Knicks can make a deep playoff run and this is a team ready to win a championship.

  2. platisc says:

    PS. Im waiting for an NBA-sponsored PPV event to somehow feature Jordan. I’d like a 1-on-1 Jordan/Lebron but he wouldnt dare risk it. Maybe some old-timers showdown in a 1 on 1 type tourney and then a kobe/lebron main event. Everyone always debates these 1 on 1 matchups, im sure these dudes would get out there and ball for a few mill in the offseason on a saturday night. I’d definitely pay. I just want more MJ!!!

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