The Days of Revis as a Jet are Numbered

The New York Jets face a huge dilemma going into the 2013 season. Darrelle Revis, argued as already one of the Jets best players in franchise history, has had numerous contract issues with his employer. After he was drafted in 2007, he held out the first three weeks of training camp, and then received a five year deal. Before the 2010 season, he held out again, despite having two years left on his contract. The 2010 holdout was a nasty one, and many feared Revis wouldn’t play that year, despite the Jets high Super Bowl aspirations. Luckily, Revis got a deal done just in time, but it didn’t fully solve the situation. The last contract Revis got is known as a “band aid”, where Revis’ deal was made into a new four year deal. Based off of the last contract Revis signed, he can’t holdout again this year, but the Jets can’t use any tags to keep Revis around for another year and delay his free agency. Going into the 2012 season, Revis was asked about his contract but said he wasn’t going to hold out. His plans were to play the 2012 season,then the plan was for the Jets to re-do his contract this offseason.

Those plans were put on hold after Revis tore his ACL during week three against Miami, thus ending his season. Now, after a miserable 6-10 season that saw the Jets fire general manager Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets have all sorts of problems to address, and Revis is at the top of the list.

The rumors came out during January that the Jets were shopping Revis. The rumors were much talked about, overshadowing a day that saw the Jets introduce their new GM, John Idzik. Right away Idzik was forced to face an issue he needed more time to look into, and the media speculation began. Revis joined in, tweeting out that he was “speechless” and felt bad for “Jet Nation”, but we can clearly see that Revis wants the Jets fans sympathies, despite him being the one holding out every three years. Today, more reports surfaced that Revis is upset with the Jets, and that he wants answers.

Revis addressed his speechless tweet and why he is bothered with NFL Network’s Andrea Kremer, which will air tonight.

“I tweeted it out I was speechless. I was speechless because I didn’t get a phone call. I know it’s a business, just call me, don’t have it lingering out there. I need answers and I’m not getting any.”

What should the Jets do with Revis, who has stated that he wants to be a Jet for life? First, the Jets need to get under the salary cap desperately. The Jets are currently over 20 million on the cap, but the Jets can get under again by cutting veterans such as Calvin Pace and Bart Scott (Update 2/20- Jets cut both players last night). Look for others to restructure their deals also (I am looking at you Mark Sanchez). Next, Idzik should set a face to face meeting with Revis and give him an update on where the situation stands. The Jets need to start acting like a professional business, not some circus.

Now, the Jets shouldn’t trade Revis right now. He is coming off of his ACL surgery, so teams are wary to trade a lot for a player no one knows if he can be the same player or not. This would make the Jets receive below market value for one of the best defensive players in football. Once the season begins, the Jets would have to decide what to do with their best player. I would let Revis play a few games to show teams that he is back to being the dominant shutdown corner we are used to. Like stated before, Revis can’t holdout, so he would have to play if he wants his money. As the trade deadline gets closer, then I would trade him. The Jets could definitely get a first round pick for Revis, as well as numerous other picks and players. The Jets have a lot of holes to fill, and with Cromartie making close to 8 million already, there is no way the Jets can tie up more than 16 million a year in Revis. Any corner making over 12 million a year is ridiculous to begin with, amazing player or not.

As much as it pains me to trade Revis, one of my favorite Jets despite his holdouts, it would be the right move. Unless the Jets are able to trade Cromartie and have Revis accept a deal that doesn’t make him the highest paid defensive player, Revis is as good as gone. There are too many problems the Jets need to focus on, and we need help at a lot of different positions. Hopefully the Jets can figure something out, and new general manager John Idzik can pull off some miracle and keep Revis with a contract that is fair to both sides. But it doesn’t look good, and sadly, Revis Island, one of the best players to suit up in the green and white ever, may be a goner.

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8 Responses to The Days of Revis as a Jet are Numbered

  1. PepPep says:

    Now that the Jets are 8mil UNDER the cap, having dumped some of their older, slower, over-paid players, they need a few more moves to re-structure some current deals (Sanchez/Harris/Pouha) and they can easily re-sign Revis.

    I think although he SAYS he wants to be the highest paid Defensive player and wants to change the way CB’s get paid, etc, etc. if the Jets give him a solid offer, a long term deal that would make ONE OF the highest paid corners, he would take it.

    I think he DOES want to be a Jet for life, stay in NY, retire on the team that drafted him.

    I think HE IS a special player and really DESERVES top money b/c he is a game-changer, not just a CB.

    Jets should do it sooner than later b/c once he starts dominating again next year, he will cost that much more to keep- deservedly so. Right now, we have some bargaining chips b/c of his injury.

    • peteyg1989 says:

      You make some fantastic points with your comment. Cutting all of the players they did last night released about 31 million off the books, and put the Jets under 5 million. I agree with having to restructure deals and Sanchez is the first person I would go to.

      I believe Revis does want to stay a Jet, and hopefully he realizes he can remain a Jet for life if he takes a deal that is fair to both sides. It all comes down to Revis…do you HAVE to be the HIGHEST PAID DEFENSIVE PLAYER or are your fine with being paidA LOT, but not MOST (Look at Nnamdis deal then go a little from there).

      Revis does deserve to be paid, but having that much money tied into him AND Cro can cause problems cause we have so many other needs. Maybe the Jets can look to trade Cro? Revis is my favorite player, and he will be back to being the shut down corner we all know no doubt. Hopefully, the Jets can work something out and keep Revis Island, but if he will not back off his demands and has to be the highest paid D player (also helped out by his annoying agents) , then sadly, the time is to trade him….

      Thank you for the comment, and please check in some more, I love talking sports with people!

  2. Nesmith says:

    Jets fans, STOP DRINKING YOUR OWN COOL-AID!!! Optimisticly, the Jets are going to suck for the next 2-3 years IF Idzik drafts well. If he doesn’t, it could be a 4-5 year rebuilding project. Are you really saying you want to overpay Reavis for 2 more years of great play on a rebuilding team??? Trade him when you can, for the most draft picks that you can, and help quicken the rebuilding process. Jets are going to dump butt-fumble at the end of 2013. Sexy Wrexy is being set up to take the fall for the 2013 season when the Jets will be lucky to sniff 6-10. The only reason why Sexy Wrexy hasn’t been fired yet is that Woody doesn’t want to pay Sexy Wrexy to sit on his ass and pay a new coach for a fail 2013 season.

    Overpaying for a CB is the epitome of stupidity. You overpay at the QB position, NOT at the CB position. THAT is why teams like the Patriots, Packers, Bronco’s, etc… succeed (This with the caveat that you actually have a franchise QB to overpay! PLEASE do not overpay for butt-fumble!). The only CB that I would have overpaid is Deon Sanders. Deon was worth it because he shut down one side of the field AND he was a game changer on punt returns.

    • peteyg1989 says:

      You made a lot of great points, and even though Revis has been one of my favorite Jets over the past 5 years, him holding out twice and constantly talking about money has really made me like Revis less and less. Now, if Revis can pull his ego down and not demand being the highest paid defensive player, maybe the Jets can work something out. But I agree with you for the most part that the Jets need to trade Revis. Like you said, there are way to many holes on the rest of the team, and Revis can help us get youth and draft picks to start slowly plugging those holes. Revis is the only corner I would consider paying big money to, as he does cut off half the field like Deon, and he is great against the run as well. But again, Revis needs to lower his demands a little and meet the Jets half way, both sides need to be fair.
      Thanks for your comment and check back so we can talk more sports!

      • Nesmith says:

        Petey, keep up the great work. You do more analysis than any of the so-called “sports journalists” ever do. Would it hurt to actually have them support their opinion with objective facts?

      • peteyg1989 says:

        Thank you very much Nesmith, appreciate the kind words a lot! If you have any sports loving friends who want some analysis send them my way!
        But you know, it has always been a dream of mine to write for ESPN..but over the past few years you can see their quality declining. I’m a diehard Jets fan, and reading articles by Jets beat writer Rich Cimini is just PAINFUL. The guy is always looking to start drama and is more focused on the TMZ side of sports, and as a reader you can see other readers are sick of him as well. Why ESPN doesn’t see this I don’t understand. Sadly, ESPN is going in the TMZ like direction, and other personalities such as Stephen A. Smith, Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless are ATROCIOUS. I feel I’d rather write for a company that actually reports SPORTS NEWS and analysis, that’s why I will look elsewhere for sports writing opportunities.

  3. Nesmith says:

    Petey, you’ve got more talent than ESPN writers. Unfortunately, the 4 letter network is into extremism. People feel they have to be extreme in order to stand out, because there already is so much talent there. For example:

    John Clayton – excellent analysis and reporter of real football stories.
    Ron Jaworski – best X’s and O’s analyst I’ve watched.
    Jeremy Schaap – best reporter on sports outside of sports.
    Ed Werder – I don’t know how the hell he gets the scoop on other reporters!

    Because of these high quality guys, it’s harder for everyone else to stand out. So hacks such as Steven A. Smith, Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, etc… have to take extreme positions to get noticed. What boggles the mind is that there are people out there who actually believe that the positions taken by these “color” analysts are the positions that the analysts really ascribe to.

    I’d rather work for a smart guy like Dan Patrick, as an intern, rather than at the 4 letter network. DP regularly gets the scoop on ESPN and he has a small 4-5 man crew! Regardless, what will get you noticed is 1) good hard nose reporting, 2) getting the scoop on other reporters, 3) getting facts to back up your story, 4) never reporting anything that isn’t confirmed (Manti T’eo!), 5) good, interesting articles and 6) quality writing.

    The hacks will come and go but quality writers will have longevity.

    • peteyg1989 says:

      Thank you again for more of your kind words. ESPN does do a lot of things well, and I agree with a lot of the people you listed above are great, hard working sports personalities. Adam Schefter, Linda Cohn and Stuart Scott are other ESPN personalities I enjoy, as well as the numerous player analysts they get to cover certain sports topics. ESPN definitely uses shock and extremism to get its stories, and I understand that that form of “journalism” sucks people in. Skip Bayless is most guilty of this, just like I stated in my ESPN article where he accused Jeter of using steroids despite NO PROOF at all.

      I would happily work for Dan Patrick, he is a great professional and someone who would be a fantastic mentor. I am looking for any sports gig, especially for a company that reports and writes great news stories that require ANALYSIS, not TMZ like stories. I may have a few stories about what someone did on twitter or something funny outside of the playing field, but ANALYSIS will always be the first focus.

      Again, thank you for the kind words and the tips on how to get noticed! I do my best, but I am not perfect and mistakes will arise, but that is all part of the field. I love sports and talking sports and just want to share my feelings with the world! Keep checking back for more great stories, analysis, videos and NFL offseason previews!

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