Gronkowski Likes to Dance On and Off the Field

He may be a New England Patriot, but Rob Gronkowski is one of my favorite athletes throughout sports. Now, he is definitely not my favorite when he is on the football field. Gronkowski is easily the best tight end in the NFL. He is a big, athletically gifted player, and having Tom Brady throwing him the ball only makes his life easier. As a Jets fan, seeing Gronkowski continuously score touchdowns is frustrating. Gronk has played some great games against the Jets, and he is just so hard to stop. So if Gronk is part of the NFL team I hate the most, why is he one of my favorite players? Because what he does off of the field is just downright hysterical. (Check out his dance videos below).

Gronk2<Gronk chillen with porn star Bibi Jones>

Gronkowski is just a clown. When he is not dancing like a complete buffoon in various night clubs throughout the country, he is hanging out with porn stars and just living one giant party. Gronkowski has received a lot of flak over the past two years for his off the field antics. The first happened after the New York Giants beat the Patriots in Superbowl 46. Gronk was filmed dancing at a Patriots after party hosted by LMFAO. The dancing made some Patriots fans upset that he was partying after the biggest loss of his football career. I mean, I guess when you lose a superbowl, you have to sit in a corner and sulk all night, instead of trying get your mind off of the loss by having a little fun.

Now, Gronk’s dancing has got him in trouble again. After breaking his left forearm (twice broken) and missing the playoffs, Gronk was seen partying at a Las Vegas nightclub called XS (pronounced excess) on February 5th. Gronkowski is seen dancing onstage with a few of his buddies, nothing wrong with that right? Well, after some dance moves, Gronkowski turns around to his friend, pretends to fake kick him, then grabs him and pulls him to the ground imitating a wrestling move (doing all of this with his arm in a big black cast remember). Once again Patriots fans got enraged, which is understandable. You have one of the best tight ends in the game, one who has been injured frequently during his short NFL career, so it’s no wonder Patriots fans cringed when they saw him land on the arm. It is not wrong to dance, but Gronk shouldn’t be pulling any more moves that can potentially damage his arm even more.

Gronk3<Acting like a normal 23 year old>

Gronk was pictured a few days later wearing a shirt that says “Sorry for Partying”. Now, if Gronk wants to keep dancing and doing his thing let him. Getting “in trouble” over dancing and living life like any normal famous 23 year old would do is better than some player driving drunk or using drugs. I do not wish injury on anyone, but if Gronk continues his horseplay and gets hurt, you will get no sympathy from me. His injury would help the Jets playoff chances go up from 15% to 20%.

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