No Love Lost, Part 2


1.Jets/Patriots- Not saying this is the best rivalry in the NFL, and I may be on the homer side here, but Jets/Patriots are always good times. You have Bill Belichick, who was the Jets coach for a day before resigning on a napkin in 1997. You have former Belichick disciple Eric Mangini leave the Pats to coach the Jets, then rat out Belichick for taping their signals during a game, spawning “Spygate”. You have Rex Ryan who came to New York declaring he wasn’t here to kiss Belichick’s rings. The Jets were the team that knocked out Drew Bledsoe from a game in 2001, giving way to Tom Brady taking over and becoming one of the greatest QB’s ever. The Jets went up to Foxborough and beat the Patriots in a thrilling playoff game early in 2011, only to have the Patriots come back the next few years and absolutely destroy the Jets, the most recent being on Thanksgiving and giving the world Mark Sanchezs’ “Buttfumble”. Yep, Jets/Patriots is way more entertaining than most people think.

2.Ravens/Steelers- These two teams do not like each other at all. Both come from the hard hitting AFC North, and both teams lead the way with hard-nosed defenses. The Steelers are a great franchise, with 6 Super bowl titles, the most in the NFL. The Steelers won their most recent championship came in 2005. Meanwhile, the Ravens just took home the 2012 Superbowl Championship, giving themselves the title of best team in football. The Steelers will look to take the AFC North from Baltimore next year, and both games will be full of hard hits and great defense. Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed constantly get under the skin of the Steelers, while Ben Roethlisberger’s ability to escape the pocket constantly frustrates the Ravens. Around Baltimore, some bars don’t allow Steelers fans into their business because of all the fights that happen between the two fan bases. This is a great rivalry, and every game between the two franchises is must watch television.

3.Giants/Eagles- New York and Philadelphia don’t like each other. Being so close, and having the state of New Jersey split down the middle with fans of both teams, you can see why there is no love between these two foes. For years, the Eagles dominated the NFC East, constantly getting to the NFC championship games, but never able to win the big one. The Giants have won two championships recently, in 2007 and 2011. What was at one point Eagles fans talking big about Vick and the infamous Desean Jackson punt play gave way to Giants fans putting the Eagles fans back in their place by pointing to their championship seasons, something the Eagles still have never done. These games are always nasty, and every game played between the two can unpredictably go either way.

Honorable: Giants/Cowboys, Niners/Raiders, Jets/Dolphins, Packers/Bears, Redskins/Cowboys, Patriots/whichever team Peyton Manning is on, Ravens/Patriots, Falcons/Saints


1.Reggie Miller/ New York Knicks- This is one of the most entertaining rivalries in all of sports. Nothing was better than having Reggie Miller lead his Pacers into Madison Square Garden, right into the hate of NYC. The fans and players all hated Miller, and he hated them all right back. Miller would get into it constantly with Knicks super fan Spike Lee, and famously looked at Spike and made a choking gesture after a Pacers comeback over the Knicks. Miller always played his best at MSG, and New York isn’t fond of Reggie to this day. The player vs. team viewpoint was very entertaining, and there aren’t a lot of feuds like this in sports nowadays.

2.Lakers/Celtics- Well duh! The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics may play only once or twice a year, but boy do the cities dislike each other when it comes to basketball. These two storied franchises have had classic playoff battles throughout their history. Even recently, the Lakers and Celtics have met in the NBA Finals. The Celtics beat the Lakers in 2008, but LA got revenge in 2010 by beating the Celtics. It is too bad we most likely will not see a rematch of these two in the Finals this year.

3.Lebron/Cleveland fans- An entire city hates one man. A few years after the infamous “Decision”, in which LeBron took his talents to South Beach, most of the hate that was there for LeBron’s first year in Miami is now gone. Much of America really doesn’t care anymore, and many are back to admiring LeBron for his play on the court. There is only one city that still hates LeBron, and that is Cleveland. Cleveland viewed LeBron as one of their own, a hometown hero who will rescue Cleveland from the depths of a losing history. LeBron not only left to form a super team in Miami, he basically slapped all of Cleveland across the face by leaving on national television! Cleveland fans had to watch as he carried the Heat to the 2012 championship, and looks to do so again in 2013. Will LeBron ever return to Cleveland? As much as he might want to down the road, Cleveland will never accept him back.
Honorable: Heat/Celtics, Knicks/Nets, Heat/Knicks, Spurs/Suns

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