Hitting the Jets Wall

For 27 years, I’ve been a Jets fan. Why is that? Blame the sunday sauces my dad would cook while the green and white played on my television. Even with a family thats half Giants fans, I always rooted for the Jets. And now, more than halfway through the 2016 season, I can’t take it anymore. This team completely destroys me, every single year.

But this year is different. I’ve lived through all of the horrendous seasons recently. But this season just has an absolute stink to it. What bums me out most is this team can NEVER sustain any success at any level of the franchise. They are cursed from top to bottom.  

Lets go back to 2010. The Jets coming off a surprising run to the AFC Championship game the year before. Expectations were high for this team, and they backed it up going 11-5 losing to the Steelers in the, yep, AFC Championship game (still not over it). But hey, we have a lot to look forward too right?! Good things will be built off of these two seasons! 

WRONG! I was so confident going into the 2011 season, I actually wrote a status saying “the Jets road to the superbowl begins today!” L.O.L. 2011 turns into an 8-8 season with Santonio Holmes imploding and losing his mind after getting a huge contract. 

2012? 6-10 and we signed some guy named Tim Tebow. Hear of him? The circus that followed was comical. I actually like Tebow, and was so sick of Sanchez I wanted him to actually get a chance to play QB. Instead, Sanchez gifts us the buttfumble and another playoff-less season, which brings us….

2013! A new year! New hopes! A new rookie QB in Geno Smith! Sanche gets hurt in a meaningless game against the Giants, and Geno plays the all season. The team goes 8-8. Improvement, young QB, theres hope…

2014! The Jets decided to cut their win total in half! Can’t make the playoffs doing that guys! Geno looks lost (the dude didn’t know there was a 3 hour time difference in California and missed a meeting) leading to Mike Vick! The man half the country hates! He looks atrocious as well. 4-12 this team STINKS. 

2015! A new coach! A new GM. They spend big, bringing back fan favorite Revis, Cromartie, Skrine, Gilchrist and Ryan Fitzpatrick! Geno gets punched in the jaw (TYPICAL JETS) and Fitz starts the season. The Jets go 10-6, yet lose the final game of the year to, who else, sexy Rexy up in Buffalo! The Jets miss the playoffs by a game, and also an AFC playoff picture that was WIDE OPEN. 

Now here we are in 2016. Looking back at this summer and talking to friends, things are just so funny to me now. The first six games of the Jets schedule was brutal. “Just make it out .500 or better!” They go 1-5. “The Jets defense needs to be elite for us to compete” They’re currently 12th overall defensively, not terrible, but not enough.

The Jets defensive line, who many said was the best in football before the year, is ranked 29th in sacks! The team hasn’t had a defensive touchdown in years! The turnovers are lacking! And most alarming, players like Revis and Mo Wilkerson have regressed horribly this season. Seriously, Revis looks finished! 

And where are the Jets currently? 3-8, with Coach Bowles announcing Fitzpatrick will start against the Colts. Why Bowles doesn’t play young QBS like Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg is just mind bogglig to me. Why not see what we have for the future? Why try to win games? LOSE THE LAST FIVE AND GET A TOP DRAFT PICK. Typical Jets will win 4 of the last 5 and fall from top 5 to 10-15 range!

This team just doesn’t know what to do. They tried to rebuild while competing, and its has left this team literally stuck in the mud, just covered in medicority. This team needs yet another FULL REBUILD, and Woody Johnson has got to realize that. Once again, will the Jets find a Russell Wilson in the third round or Dak Prescott fourth round? No we will find Geno Smith. We will take Christian Hackenberg second round even though the team knows he can’t play this season,  while a guy taken two rounds later is playing brillaintly for a team that has tons of pressure on them to succeed. 

Seriously, there are two levels to the Jets. One is rock bottom, the other is mediocrity. Throw in a lucky playoff berth sure,but its not enough for this team, and their suffering fans.

I love this team, I stick with them through it all. I’ve been told to just switch teams, and thats never going to happen. I just have hit a wall with this team this season. Why watch Fitzpatrick QB anymore this year?  He won’t be back! PLAY PETTY! SEE WHAT YOU HAVE FOR THE FUTURE. Its just such a typical Jets move by a coach who is eerily mirroring Rex Ryan years earlier! 

It sucks that in the summer, with the excitement of football in the air, you know your teams only hope to make the playoffs is to win the wild card because the damn New England Patriots run the division every year. And when you don’t have that QB, forget it. 

Now for yet another season, I’m hoping for the Jets to lose games for a better draft pick. I mean they won useless games a few years ago, knocking them further away from drafting Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. Look how that turned out. And I’m sure the “Romo to Jets, Cutler to Jets” rumors will be flying all year! Honestly, either of them are bandaid moves, and once again, has the Jets rebuilding while “trying to win”. Neither would help. Keep throwing darts at the dartboard until we hopefully hit on someone who will transform our franchise. Because it isn’t Ryan Fitzpatrick or Geno Smith. And with Bowles refusing to play Petty or Hackenberg, we have no clue about them either. It’s seriously infuriating. Bring on 2017.

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Take a Seat, Colin

That is what you were going to be doing much of this season anyway, you know, sitting. Let’s face it folks, Colin Kaepernick isn’t a good quarterback. He stormed into the league a few years ago, wowing fans with his blazing speed to go along with his rocket arm. But then, NFL defenses caught up to him, and Kaepernick didn’t just drop down to being an average QB, he completely belly flopped.

But, as he battles for his roster spot life this training camp (he’s losing to Blaine Gabbert..), we aren’t talking about what Colin can and can’t do on the football field. We are talking about a quarterback who isn’t taking a stand, literally.

The National Anthem is a staple of American sporting events. People rise, they remove their caps, some place their hand over their chest, and give their respects to this country. You see, the anthem is a lasting moment, before you leave the real world behind and enjoy a sporting event for 2-3 hours. It reminds you that we live in the greatest country in the world. We live in a country where you can make millions playing a game! And we live in a country that affords Kaepernick the right to do what he is doing, no matter how much you do or don’t like it.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of his move, especially when the NFL is opening up most of its games on September 11th. Not standing for the anthem on 9/11? Not a good look, at least show respect for the victims. Regardless, I respect the anthem and the flag, something that many seem to not respect anymore in 2016 America.  I was raised to respect the flag. Many have died for this flag, for the freedoms we enjoy today. So to me, anytime I can stand up and honor our country I will proudly do it. 

These freedoms the flag symbolizes, the flag so many people fought and died for, also protect Kaepernicks right to free speech. They just do, and to deny that is completely making this entire situation one sided and showing how close minded you might be.

If Kaepernick feels he needs to speak up for what HE THINKS is unjust, then he has that freedom to do so. However he wants to express himself is his right, whether we agree with it or not. And I got to give him credit in this aspect. Kaepernick’s football play is literally straight shit. Hes 49ers career was on the bubble well before this media controversy. He hasn’t been healthy much of this preseason. There is a decent chance he can be cut. I’m sure Kaepernick is aware of his standing with the 49ers as well. Now doesn’t seem to be the best time to bring something like this up, but he wasn’t afraid to. Football be damned, Kaep stood up for what he believes in and realizes there is more to life than a game. He willinginly took on all the attention and backlash to to get his message out. Some athletes are comparing what he did to Muhammad Ali, who spoke out against many issues during his career. But even though we look back at Ali as beloved, he was very much hated, much like Kaep is currently being hated today. The only difference is Ali was the greatest, whereas Kaepernick is atrocious.

The point is, show your respect for this country. Be grateful you live here, be grateful for those who fought for you, those who protect you. This country is far from perfect. There are people out there who are truly struggling, who live a life I or many of you know nothing about. Things can be changed, and there are things that do need to change. 

But as much as I don’t agree with Kaepernick, this is what is most at stake here; freedom. Freedom of speech, what seems so censored lately, must always be allowed to exist and thrive, no matter how vile that position is. This has put the 49ers in a difficult spot as well. There was buzz all offseason about the team trading Kaepernick. Maybe the Niners could just say forget it and cut him. It can be entirey all about his recent horrendous play, but many will view him being cut due to the media circus he has brought on the team with his actions this past weekend. No team will sign him if he’s cut either. No team wants to bring in that kind of scrutiny, especially in the NFL. 

While I’m not a fan of Kaep doing this, am I going to be sitting here, stewing over this. Does Kaepernick not standing affect me in anyway? No, I will live my life the way I want, so will Kaepernick and so will you. That’s the beauty of living in America 🇺🇸.

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One Last F U From Glen Sather

“It’s better to be a lion for one day than it is to be a mouse for life,” said Sather, talking about the trade for Eric Lindros.

This quote seems to be how Sather spent his time while being GM for the Rangers. You have to win in New York. You have a franchise goalie who gives you a chance every night. No one wants to go back to the dark ages. With this mentality, Glen spent, and spent and spent some more. 

Was it being a lion when you got Wade Redden? How about the insane double free agency signing of Chris Drury/Scott Gomez that got the city buzzing. How about “Broadway Brad” Richards, who any fan with a sense of the salary cap KNEW giving him the 9 year deal the Rangers did would be a disaster (he was bought out three years later).

Sather came to New York a champion. He was now a champion with owner James Dolan’s bottomless pit of money. So how do you win a cup on Broadway? Well just thrown tons of money at free agents of course! Wait that doesn’t work? Wait, this team actually hired a coach who preached about youth and building the farm? Wait, the Rangers are actually developing good, young talent?! Blasphemy!

Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, Carl Hagelin, Chris Kreider and on and on. It seemed like the Rangers were turning the corner, and this was evident in the Rangers run to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2012. They lost to the Devils in 6 tough games, but you could see the team was on the upswing. They were close. Sather had to tweak the team a bit.

The big move?! Rick Nash. I could write 1000 paragraphs in how I feel about him, so I won’t waste my time. Bottom line is Nash has been a playoff disappointment, and his 7.8 contract should go. 

From that 2012 run though, this team kept going for it, and going for it, and going for it. In March of 2014, Ryan Callahan and a first round pick were sent to Tampa for Martin St. Louis. He was old yet still playing well. The Rangers made the cup that year, resulting in yet another SECOND first round pick going to Tampa. The Rangers blew their best chance for a cup in 20 years, losing in 5 to the Kings.

The team comes back the next season and really takes off around February. Cam Talbot is filling in admirably for star Henrik Lundqvist. The team adds Keith Yandle, a great puck moving defenseman. The price? Anthony Duclair and a first round pick. How do the Rangers finish the presidents trophy season? Losing at home, game 7, 2-0 to Tampa. Im still sick to my stomach.

Now this year the Rangers are on pace for 100 points, despite serious defensive issues. How does the team solve this? They add Eric Staal for two second round picks and promisng prospect Aleksi Saarela. The Rangers get crushed in five games to the Penguins. 

Now here we are. The moves of the past few seasons, the going for it, is now biting this team in the ass, BIG TIME. Keith Yandle’s rights were traded to Florida, for a 6th round pick, which turns into a 4th if he signs. Forget that Yandle is gonna remain in the East, our best defenseman this season is gone, due to Sathers atrocious handling of the past 3 years. Arizona hasn’t even used their first round pick yet! Yet Yandle is gone. This team had false hope to go for it, and I understand why they tried to go for it this year. But management seemed to forget we have a salary cap. WE KNEW YANDLE WAS A GONER. He could have fetched so much more at the trade deadline as a rental, yet we held on to him and got peanuts. 

Dan Girardi is here for four more season with a cap hit of $5,500,00. He has a no move clause until end of 2016, then a modified no trade until 2019. Hes pretty much unmovable right now, and the Rangers only other option is to buy him out, keeping dead money on the cap for years to come. 

The other wonder twin is Marc Staal. This one really pisses me off, more than Girardi. G was always a favorite, Staal was great but some horrific injuries have really made him a shell of himself. Most diehard fans wanted Staal to walk or get traded, yet here comes Sather. We have to reward our players and our core! Staal has a $5,7000,000 cap hit until 2021! And Sather really loves to give out those no move clauses like they’re candy. He has a nmc until 2017 and a modified no trade until 2020. Unbelievable. Sather was basically going against himself, and he lost.

Now with two atrocious contracts tied into the defense, we will lose Yandle. Was he the best defensive player? No. But he could move the puck and make plays from the blue line that were unbelievable. The Rangers dont have anyone else like him on their roster, and wont this year or anytime  soon. Because of Sathers atrocious negligence (and directly due to Girardi, Staal, Lundqvist and Nash having bloated salaries), this team has lost Keith Yandle, Carl Hagelin, Anton Stralman and Anthony Duclair. Again, I understand this is the NHL, and all teams go through making tough moves like this, but it still doesnt make it any easier to think of “what if”.

But dont worry, Jeff Gorton will change things! He will be different from Sather, but then you remember, Sather is still around the organization. He isnt really retired, and you know he is constantly in his protoges ear. The Eric Staal trade just reeked of Sather. Once again, if you follow the stats, this team needed so much more than Eric Staal to fix their problems. Yandle should have been traded at the deadline period. You can still think win now while wanting to focus on the future, and thats what the Rangers need to do. Stop trading first round picks. This teams summer from hell is all self inflicted, and it pisses me off the awful thinking of our front office could let it come to this. 

They spent zero time on the future. Our farm system is bare , and with these atrocious contracts on the team, cost efficient players are so important. I still think the Rangers can compete this upcoming season, and we got to wait and see how Gorton fixes this mess. But for today, I am not happy, as mentally prepared as I was for Yandle to leave, it still bothers me he wasnt moved at the deadline, and its only made worse by the result of this teams playoff performance. 

The Rangers were the class of the East the past 3 seasons, and just like that, its gone. 

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Mrs. Cromartie, everyone

The drama that comes with Antonio Cromartie never ends. With his weak play, the Jets seriously got to consider cutting Cromartie in the offseason. But first, Lets see how his classy wife was behaving this past sunday..

So a few trolls bother Mrs. Cromartie, so she decides they stand for the ENTIRE JETS FANBASE

IQ Level: minus 3 points

While she is baited a bit, thats a low form of trolling from the decker fanboy account. The response of “he hates you too”, unoriginal.

IQ level: minus 1 more point

She goes on to say “I dont care about trolls” yet she seems to have responded to 20 of them already. Fanboy decker account does make a fair point however. Great counter argument, respond with some more F bombs

IQ level: minus 4 more points

Absurd, absurd question, she has the right to be mad. I’ll up the IQ points for her, wait she still generalizes an entire fan base. 

IQ level: minus 2 more points

Ah yes, the typical money insult. I just hope shes saving up all that money with the amount of kids Mr. Cromartie fathered over and over and over and over and over and over and over again

IQ level: minus 1 point

Gonna say thats a subtle race jab in there but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. The “what man tweets harassing a women” line though? Unforgivable. 

IQ level: minus 5 points

IQ Level: slightly smarter than a tree stump.

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Fantasy Busts 2015

With more then half of the football season gone by, I think it is safe to reflect and look back at those fantasy draft picks you messed up so horribly, maybe costing you your fantasy championship in the process. 
1) Eddie Lacy, RB- I didn’t think a first round pick could screw me more than CJ Spiller did a few years back, but Lacy has easily surpassed him. A running back with an ADP of early first round (5th overall for me), he has been screwing fantasy teams left and right. When it’s not the Packers completely abandoning the run at times, its backup RB James Starks stealing carries! Just a nightmare scenario. Week 9 Lacy got -1!!!! Never again. 


2) CJ Anderson, RB- Probably the second worst first round pick behind Lacy, CJ Anderson is the definition of a bust. All offseason all we heard was “Kubiak will run the ball, CJ is a workhorse back” blah blah blah. As of week 11, CJ 324 yards and with one touchdown. And worse, this is while losing carries to Ronnie Hillman. Never again. 


3) Peyton Manning, QB- Everyone was concerned about his decline at the end of last year, but I drafted Peyton with the thought of 30 touchdowns this year easily. Peyton is clearly near the end of his dominant run, and his throws lack the zip they have had in the past. Peytons days of being a QB1 are over. 


4) Justin Forsett, RB- This one hurts, especially in PPR leagues. With an ADP of late round 2- early 3, fantasy owners were drooling at Forsett getting Marc Trestman as his OC (same OC Matt Forte had when he caught 100 balls last season). Forsett hasn’t been able to be a dominant back, and the Baltimore offense as a whole has been average at best.

5) Jeremy Hill, RB- Last year I took Gio Bernard, only to get screwed by Hill being a beast and overtaking him. This year I mostly stayed away from Cincy RB’s but in one league we drafted Hill second round. Now, Bernard is back in the fold, stealing carries left and right from Hill while looking like the better back. I can’t win. 

6) Andrew Luck, QB- Luck was considered the top QB, taken first round or early second by many, even before Aaron Rodgers. The consensus was Luck would throw for over 4000 yards, with 40 touchdowns. That hasn’t happened, as the team has struggled and shown to be dysfunctional all season. While his last few weeks have been good, we still expected so much more from Luck. 

7) Ryan Tannehill, QB- The dolphins as a whole are a huge failure. I said it before the season, if Miami doesn’t make the playoffs, they’re a joke. Tannehill was supposed to take a HUGE step forward this year. He is too inconsistent for where many drafted him, and more people are starting Mariota or Derek Carr over Tannehill if possible. 
8) Joseph Randle, RB- The Cowboys have the best offensive line! They can make anyone good! Just run the ball nonstop! Romo and Dez hurt, its ok we will run the ball! Barf. I stayed away from Randle at all costs, and glad I did. He lost his job to injury prone Mcfadden, and got cut by the team because of off field issues. Horrible running back.


9) Jimmy Graham, TE- Many fantasy pros and websites labeled Graham a bust before the season, but that didn’t stop owners from drafting him in the second-third round, ahead of guys like Tyler Eifert. It’s not that Graham is bad, it’s just the offense that he has joined never utilizes him, and when they do, its for him to block on running plays. He is a bust due to how long you could have waited on a better tight end. 

10) Andre Ellington, RB- I sadly got Ellington in one of my drafts, despite him screwing me over last year. I figured he would be hurt, which he was early on. But he has been a bust because he hasn’t been able to wrestle the job back from fossil Chris Johnson. 

11) Andre Johnson, Wr- Johnson still showed a lot last year, despite being 32. People were excited this great WR would finally play in an offense with a stud QB. The Indy offense has been stuck in a rut all season, and Johnson has barely produced, with a few weeks of zeroes on the board. Big things were expected of Andre, but sadly he looks to be at the end of his career.

12) AJ Green, WR- Look, Green is easily one of the best wide receivers in the league. His season hasn’t been bad, but for being a second-third player taken for teams overall, you would expect more from him. He is the 36 ranked WR, again not horrible, but the Cincy offense has many mouths to feed, and you will have to live with games of 11-15 points mostly over games of 44 points like he put up week 3. 


13) Sam Bradford, QB- Man were people hyped for him after he lit up the Packers in a PRESEASON GAME. The Eagles season has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, and Bradford hasn’t been able to find any consistency, failing to post any big fantasy games. To think he turned down a 4 year, 72 million contract before the season, fail!


14) LeSean McCoy, RB- You could see this coming a mile away, as McCoy has dealt with injuries and losing time to stud backup, Karlos Williams. Giving McCoy 5 years was a mistake, and you can understand why Chip traded him. McCoy has put up only 85 points on the year and hasn’t hit over 20 points in any game. Muff cabbage. 

15) Buffalo Defense- Come on Rex, seriously? I never jump on defenses, but I made sure to get this defense early, so for once I could finally be set at D without juggling lineups constantly. Buffalo was a top 3 defense last year, but haven’t even come close this season. Buffalo has scored 2, 3, 8 ,-1 and 7, hardly the sign of a dominant defense, in real life or fantasy.


Honorable mentions- Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, Sammy Watkins, Darren Sproles, CJ Spiller, Colin Kaepernick


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Please silence Stephen A Smith

My title says it all. I am going to go straight to the point, I despise everything there is about Screaming A. Smith, and think he is the biggest joke in sports. He can point to his “fame” and successful career all he wants, I’m just some nobody with a sports blog visited by 10 people a day if I’m lucky, but I’m happy I’m not some fraud like Smith is. Maybe if he ever saw this, he would accuse me of being a racist, much like he did to Chip Kelly besides him having zero evidence to back it up. Basically the race baiter smeared a man, and I’m guessing his “evidence” is, “oh look they got rid of McCoy/Maclin/Boykin etc but kept Riley Cooper. Yep so racist”. I guess this buffoon also didn’t think about the fact Kelly traded Nick Foles, who is white. Nope, not in the world Screaming A. Smith lives in.

Now lets talk about Smiths most recent controversy, involving Kevin Durant. On his horrendous show “First Take”, he suggested that if Durant hit free agency, Los Angeles would be his destination.

That news apparently surprised Durant because he responded “I don’t talk to Stephen A Smith at all. Nobody in my family, my friends, they don’t talk to Stephen A Smith. So he’s lying.”

Ouch, that one hurt and Smith seemed to be upset by one of the best NBA players in the world calling him out, and about time someone did, with all the bullshit this man spews. But of course Smith couldn’t let it go, the man who dishes out the verbal abuse can’t handle a little heat coming back his way. He responded on the same show, as if he was child. Hes the part though that really proves to me this man is a joke.

” But I will say this lastly: you don’t want to make an enemy out of me. And I’m looking right into the camera and I’m going to say it again. You do not want to make an enemy out of me.

What a joke, what an absolutely pitiful excuse for a “journalist” and reporter. What are you going to do Smith? What happens if Durant responds again and says he is sick of your fake, made up stories? What will you do? Smear his name? Report dirty secrets on his family or what he does in the lockerroom? How can Durant and the Thunder see this and let Smith into their building? How can ESPN be ok with what Smith said, considering the heat others have caught in the past for things he/she has said? If I’m Durant, I come back swinging at him (not physically for all you politically correct people). Call him out, and refuse to talk to him ever again KD. Seriously, can any of these athletes grow a pair and stand up to horrendous sports “journalists” like Smith? He talks to his “sources” and doesn’t put a name to it, yet states this anonymous garbage like its gospel. Smith is never wrong everybody! Believe everything this man says! You do not want to be Smiths enemy according this this loud mouth “reporter”.

Anytime Smith comes on ESPN radio I change it. Everytime he appears on TV, I change it no matter what the topic is. I refuse to listen to any of the pathetic filth that comes out of this frauds mouth, and the fact that people actually buy his trash reporting is pretty pathetic. This is why I’m basically done with ESPN. I grew up loving ESPN, watching them religiously. Now though they are a joke, and I barely ever tune into them anymore on any form of media. Cbs sports, profootballtalk, nbc sports, SI etc all shit on ESPN. They went from being sports reporters to Sports TMZ with loudmouth opinions sprinkled in.

I don’t know what they look for when hiring people, but looking at some of these hacks ESPN hires, such as Smith, Skip Bayless, Michelle Beadle etc just shows how far the mighty king of sports has fallen. 

Keep your empty threats Smith. You may think your big but if you walked by me on the NYC streets I wouldn’t even do a double take or care that you were there. You’re a fraud posing as a journalist, and I’m glad I am somebody you wouldn’t even bat an eye at. How there aren’t more people mad at Smiths empty, childish threats to KD is just a joke. Grow up.

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Pay Muhammad Wilkerson Now

I hope New York Jets general Manager Mike Maccagnan is on the phone literally right this second with defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson. The stupidity the Sheldon Richardson has shown in the month of July is just baffling. It is truly absurd. I don’t know who is the dumber New York defensive end, Jason Pierre-Paul or Sheldon Richardson.

Early in July, we learned that Sheldon Richardson was suspended for four games because he smoked weed. It was a big hit to a team whose looking to their defense to carry them in 2015. However, it was manageable and the Jets would still have Richardson for 12 games after the suspension. Now, his future is up in the air, because Sheldon just all of the sudden doesn’t seem capable of making smart decisions.

On July 14, cops clocked a 2014 Bentley Silver Spur driving in St. Charles Count, Missouri. The car was clocked at three different speeds of 122, 135 and 143 mph. Let those speeds sink in for a second. Ok then, thats not even the worst of it. Realizing the cops, or “pigs” as he referred to them on social media back during the height of the Ferguson tensions (he’s from St. Louis) were chasing him, he tried to avoid police, pulled into a driveway and turned the lights of his car off. Cops state he was resisting arrest, the car reeked of weed, a loaded handgun was found….and a 12 year old kid. A 12 year old kid was in the car that was at one point driving 143 mph.

As a Jets fan, I always looked down the line and had a feeling Sheldon would be a harder player to sign. He just always seems cocky, and has made many comments about getting paid, so I believe the man who signs the “S” in Sheldon with a $ sign would be a Revis like contract problem down the road. Currently, Muhammad Wilkerson is going through a contract dispute with the Jets right now. Figured, it would have to be one or the other, especially with Leonard Williams now in the mix, and I would debate that Richardson was just as good as Wilkerson and maybe the Jets should sign him instead.


Well, forget that notion. Remember those Wilkerson trade rumors leading up to the draft? Thank god no trade ever happened! Wilkerson just gained a ton of leverage, and if I’m the Jets, I get him signed to a new contract ASAP. Wilkerson has been a stud player, he has had zero issues off of the field, and seems like a team guy. He is not missing training camp despite him being really upset he has no contract. Thats all the qualities you look for in a player! Richardson has let his teammates down two times now, and you can’t throw money at a guy who gets suspended, then does a completely MORONIC thing 2 weeks later! IT’s UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

We will now never be able to see a Jets line of Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, Damon Harrison and Quinton Coples at its fullest, and it’s pretty much all the fault of one man. I much rather the Jets pay Wilkerson, as well as Damon “Snacks” Harrison, and Demario Davis. Guys who care about the team and don’t do completely idiotic things. Richardson will have to to court on October 27th now, a huge distraction for new head coach Todd Bowles and the rest of the team. He may never play a game for the Jets again, and honestly now I could care less.

Driving a car 143 mph, with a loaded gun, weed and a freaking 12 year old kid in the car. If that doesn’t disturb you, I don’t know what does.

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